"Sherpa" - the movie

Screening on Maori TV 18th June 8.30pm. Saw it at an arthouse cinema a year ago. Highlights the emergence of a new generation of Sherpa, educated & resenting their historical experience of colonialism as servents in their own land. The movie pivots on the 2014 Khumbu icefield avalanche that killed 16 Sherpa, the incident that came to blows between a European team & Sherpa (shown !), and the mixed points of view around Sherpa Phurba Tashi about to make his record breaking 22nd ascent. From memory, great settings and insightful people capture. Standout when candidly expressed that Sherpas are expected to do their 'owners' bidding, and hugely ironic that the radical anti-colonial expression is sometimes expressed from within or outside the gates of the Edmund Hillary school.
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everest is the high altitude mountain for tourist climbers , there are a few other 8000m peaks like that, cho oyo, Lhotse , manaslu..
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On 12 June 2018
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