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Hi everybody, As you may know, this website has experienced many small outages over the past two months. I have now migrated the website onto an AWS Linux cloud infrastructure. This platform should provide a lot of scope to scale up or out as needed, as well as being more cost-effective. Historically, the website was served out of the US, which is a long way away for the predominantly NZ audience. It now lives in Sydney, Australia, which is a lot closer to home. As the migration has required a very substantial amount of application code rewriting, there may be some bugs. Please let me know if anything is not working. Fixing these up is priority work. Thank you for your forbearance. Cheers, Matthew
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Ach sorry. I refactored the login and it surfaced some test accounts. You should be OK now.
Kia ora @madpom ok thanks. The issue is that ?view=forums is the old code which should not be running anymore. Obviously in moving from Windows to Linux, it gained a new lease of life. Thanks. I'll sort it.
Aye. Comes online with the current logo. Automatic sign-in working too. Fantastic !. Thanks.
Obviously not a stability issue, but .... Search isn't working - 'xyz' turns up 374 items - same as 'river' !
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Some things still seem broken for me using Chrome though some things have been fixed. I get a page of error messages when clicking items on the "contribute" menu. As bernieq mentioned "search" sometimes misbehaves too.
Like Glenn, some of the "contribute" pages don't work (I've tried both Chrome and IE). Specifically, I can't add an article, GPX file or photograph. The page displays a whole heap of error codes, the main message being "The key [USER] does not exist in the request scope".
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Search should be fixed, although I am still working on tuning the ordering of things. For example, old low res images should be suppressed.
Contribute issue should be fixed. There might be others though. Sorry I haven't tested it thoroughly yet -- been focussed on stability concerns.
Thanks for all your hard work Matthew! It's much appreciated.
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logi still isnt 100% When remember me is clicked it will go straight in for 3 or 4 days then you have to log in again. Its a saved password so only 1 click to set remember me and another to login so not major
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Started by matthew
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