Moving house

Hi everybody, As you may know, this website has experienced many small outages over the past two months. I have now migrated the website onto an AWS Linux cloud infrastructure. This platform should provide a lot of scope to scale up or out as needed, as well as being more cost-effective. Historically, the website was served out of the US, which is a long way away for the predominantly NZ audience. It now lives in Sydney, Australia, which is a lot closer to home. As the migration has required a very substantial amount of application code rewriting, there may be some bugs. Please let me know if anything is not working. Fixing these up is priority work. Thank you for your forbearance. Cheers, Matthew
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OK, now it works (although it doesn't like @username - maybe some error trapping when you have a spare minute). Doing a great job - thanks.
Cheers. 404 errors are not being handled at the moment for some reason. Looking into this....
It appears Mail isn't working... The list of messages display but viewing them I get this (and much more): Catch additional Struct (ordered) Detail string ErrNumber number 0 ErrorCode string 0 Extended_Info string ExtendedInfo string Message string The key [USER] does not exist in the request scope, only the following keys are available: [boxes,cache,context,eswsoftware,mail,now,page,pageticker,platform,records,resultsorter,sort,to,today]. StackTrace string lucee.runtime.exp.ExpressionException: The key [USER] does not exist in the request scope, only the following keys are available: [boxes,cache,context,eswsoftware,mail,now,page,pageticker,platform,records,resultsorter,sort,to,today]. at lucee.runtime.type.util.StructSupport.invalidKey( at lucee.runtime.type.scope.RequestImpl.get( at whio.view.mail_thread230.controller_cfm$ at lucee.runtime.PageContextImpl._doInclude( at lucee.runtime.PageContextImpl._doInclude( at lucee.runtime.PageContextImpl.doInclude( at lucee.runtime.tag.CFTag.doInclude( at lucee.runtime.tag.CFTag.cfmlStartTag(
Looks like the log in option "Remember me on this device" is not working either...
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1 deleted post from madpom
I randomly get the following error when viewing forum topics when not logged in: ringcomponent [whio.models.user] has no function with name [canPostToForumTopic] Random in that sometimes I always get it and sometimes I never get it
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Ive got no remember me either
Hi everybody, My focus has been on stability. For those of you interested in the technical details, there appear to have been two issues: - just-in-time image generation was acting as a DOS attack on the server and tipping it over. I've added some throttling. - the database server was experiencing heavy load from somebody trying to guess the password. I've blocked access at the firewall. Both these issues are I hope largely resolved. Internal mail should be also fixed. I need to look at what the issue is with login. I think there's a :cookie: issue.
The error I gave occurs if I'm not logged in and go to and cluck on a link to a topic. It does not occur if I go to
Heres an odd one Im currently logged in as Jude (whos Jude?) alan geeves ps i wont be in about 5 seconds
I can still log in as me
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Started by Matthew
On 10 June 2018
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