Recommendations for DWR spray

Im looking for DWR spray to use on my gortex jacket.Most of the sprays I have seen are water based such as nikwax and now grangers since they discontinued their fluorocarbon-based sprays. What DWR spray do you use? and are there any fluorocarbon-based DWR sprays around
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I've often wondered about these treatments if Im wearing my jacket i a lot of rain and you know those moments when you can taste a chemical taste, when the bottom parts of the hood are rubbing on your mouth. Yummy, that cant be good for you
@Waynoski - thanks for all the input. You clearly know way more than I do. What do you do when a jacket starts to go?
I dont use DWR treatments. sometimes a hot wash can boost the DWR , ironing it can help as well. my experience tells me its as much about how smooth the face fabric is as to how well it will repel water..
I dont know if this is still available or even if it is compatible with Gortex or pu membranes. I had a silicone based concrete waterproofing concentrate at home and a jacket that had never been very waterproof so I sprayed it with this stuff and it was great till the jacket wore out. I didnt keep the bottle so dont know what it was called but it was a clear concentrate that was mixed with water at about a cupful to a bucket of water. Was good on concrete as well
problem is it might clog up the gore tex pores and reduce its breathability, some chemicals can destroy the membrane, remember a fair go article about a farmer using gore tex that got wrecked using it on the farm, i think some fuels and lubricants can destroy it
Thats why the first line is a disclaimer. Still might work though on a cheap junk coat. Sil nylon is very waterproof on tents although it doesnt have a long life
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On 3 June 2018
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