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So, the arse literally fell out of my last pair of Macpac Terrain shorts on the weekend. Now the problem is what to replace them with as Macpac don't seem to make them anymore. A quick look around the usual shops show shorts that are either too long (I hate having material flapping about my knees) or too short (They might be great for the rednecks out there, but it's not the 80's anymore, so best not to have the spare wheels hanging out). Any suggestions from the blokes out there?
Red Shed - where everyone gets a bargain.
I recommend a pair of [Canterbury rugby]( shorts because they are pretty bullet proof but they'r made of cotton or the [Addidas Sports Essentials]( shorts because they are made from polyester and dry super fast.
Warehouse sell a polyester rugby short that is quite good although not tailored like the macpac. However if you have a macpac budget they are a 10 for one special. Mine have taken a beating for 5 years and still look new. That beating includes bush lawer bush bashes,scree glisades and a generous helping of leatherwood. When wet they dry in minutes. Only catch is the fabric is quite hard and the pull string can rub
Some people in the US wear 'hiking skirts' literally like a kilt. I get that it would be more comfortable and allow for better airflow but it just seems weird coming from a country were most outdoors men and women wear shorts or tights
I always tramp in a kilt (or manskirt, as I call it). Nothing better!
I consider shorts to be the outer layer; Freedom of movement and taking the scrapes & abrasion. A non-chafing, easy dry material from the Warehouse is my choice. It's the underpants that are the foundation. Prefer a boxer with a bit of leg for anti-chafing. Gotta be something under that kilt, yeah ?.
Picked up a pair of Fast Track Shorts from MacPac on sale. Made quoted as made from nylon and elastane. Have found them very comfortable, enough stretch in them to be useful, and dry real fast. Have taken a bit of a beating since purchased but are doing well.
@waynowski From experience Kathmandu gear is not designed for rugged back-country tramping. All the gear I have bought from there in the past have either broke or been simply inadequate. It seems like the NZ outdoor market targets tourists who visit large cities rather than the classic NZ bushman type. I personally prefer Macpac especially for their packs.
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Started by gazcan
On 1 May 2018
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