What is your pack litre size?

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I have the [Macpac Torlesse 65L](https://www.macpac.co.nz/equipment/packs-bags/hiking-tramping-packs/torlesse-65-tramping-pack.html) for overnighters and am wondering if I should downsize or not. It is big enough but not stuffed full either like I still find there are pockets of space that could be filled. What size pack do you have for the typical overnighter?
Im still using a Torlese 70l although I dont fill it. The Torlese is a good pack and there may be times when having spare space comes in very handy. Trips where you might need a tent or that time when your tramping buddy trips and hurts their shoulder so cant carry all their gear any more. Ive heard people suggest 35l is a good weekend size but this is often by people with access to big discounts on gear. To go small without compromising safety and comfort costs $$$$$
Does yours have that weird little super shallow pocket on the front that is stitched closed? Wondering what the intention was there
I always use my old 80 litre Macpac Torre, for everything. I just cinch the side compression straps if I'm not carrying a full pack.
I always use my 70L Gregory Baltoro, with very effective suspension and I would never downsize to a less efficient pack. This one was named Backpack of the year for a reason.... It is heavy (2.3 KGS) but carries say 10-20 KGS much efficiently then a lighter, 1 kg pack.
Mine is I think the first generation Torlese. I think they couldnt decide whether to make a travel or tramping pack so ended up with a half hybrid. It has the long skinny front pocket and gear loops but it also has 2 zips on the front section that opens the whole front of the pack. Strange design and doesnt seem to serve any purpose well. Those to zips and the gear loops were removed in the new model. I got it on clearance and paid under $200 I had a choice between this and a Mountain designs pack of same size and price. The Torlese fitted better for me. Must of had it 6 years now
I've got a 70-litre Osprey Aether, which I use for overnights up to week-long trips. I have a 35-litre pack too but rarely use it, it's become a loan pack for friends. Staying at huts I always take a tent anyway, so the extra space is normally used.
> Staying at huts I always take a tent anyway What tent do you have? Im looking for a ten also but have no idea what to get
Often with the tramping cub we take flys which sleep 6 people in comfort 8 at a pinch. They are not light though. My tent is a cheapy but it does the job
I use a Terra Nova Voyager if there are two of us, it’s about 15 years old but still pretty bombproof. If it’s just me I use either a bivy or my Macpac Sololight, which I’ve been quite impressed with.
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