Cheap & good tramping poles? Recommenations please

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I'm from Dunedin and I'm similar to my ancestors... I'm a bit "scottish" when it come to money. Tight-fisted, that is. (Apologies to any offended scots!) I like the look of those lovely carbon fibre walking poles, or just top-of-range aluminum ones, but some of those things retail for over $200. Complete insanity. At the bottom end are poles on Trademe for $5.95 each. Presumably they'll fold like wet newspaper when the going gets rough. Has anyone had experience with good AND cheap walking poles? It might be a case of you-get-what-you-pay-for? Any recommendations of cheap and reliable ones? Cheers, Jamie from Dunedin
I have the Fizan Trek ( poles and have lasted used them on 8 multiday tramping trips. I havn't had any problems with them...yet. I wouldnt mind a pair of the Black Diamond carbon fiber poles however.
Helinox - free shipping to NZ and 1st class customer support (search these threads for 'helinox'.
@bernieq , thanks for the suggestion of Helinox, but $174 per pair is way out of my price range. What, are they plated with gold?! LATER EDIT: Oh my goodness, it appears $174 is actually a reasonable price, comparing online. *sigh* Maybe I should just use a stick from the side of the track.
Cheap-o but useful ?. Gone back to the Kathmandu Finzans (on special of course). Had some cork handle Macpacs, but the hand piece started breaking up. Torpedo7 ?. Hunting & Fishing ?. Only a few dollars in it at the bottom end. Suggest you look for something with a grip you're comfortable with.
I have these and so far no problems. Walked the Routeburn couple of weeks ago with these and multiple shorter tramps this year. Cork handle and carbon fibre poles under NZ$90 delivered from Amazon and rated 4.5 stars by 341 customers.
All poles Ive run into will do the job. They are not going to break on you. However the features on some expensive poles makes them worth the money. I used to live in Dunedin so also use cheap poles. First set was a 2 section which collapsed was still taller than my pack. Current pole is a 3 section but some poles now are 4 section. Hand grips make a huge difference from the plastic handles on my Aliexpress poles to high teck cork and composites on the good poles. Your hands love a decent grip on a wet or hot day. The joints have changed from twist and hopes on cheap poles to more reliable levers and folding poles. Ive only ever had one twist grip fail but they are suseptable to grit and dirt. Then there is the weight. My poles are are a nice light 300g each. Top carbon poles might be less than 100g Big one though is the tip. If its not Tungsten carbite its no good. I had a manganese steel tip and it was completely rounded and not gripping anything by the end of one trip on rocky terrain.
Boy have i wasted some money on poles. Being as delicate as i am they always seem to fold as i roll over them while stumbling down hill after tripping over a tree fall. Then while wandering through a store in Spain bought a pole for $12.00 that has lasted me 3 years and many falls. lesson for me don't get to caught up in the techno speak.
Poles are meant to stop you falling not arrest you as you glide between the trees.
Apart from being telescopic and lightweight, what can a $200 pole do that a sturdy stick can't?
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Started by James the Giant
On 21 April 2018
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