Hip belt keeps sliding down my belly

So I have a bit of a gut (103cm) and am trying to loose weight by taking up backpacking again. My [pack's](https://www.macpac.co.nz/packs/tramping-hiking-packs/torlesse-65-v2.html) hip belt keeps sliding down my belly even if I have it so tight where its digging into my belly fat. Its comfortable to have it positioned under my belly but that's too low and squeezes my hips which makes my legs feel tingly. My pack is the right size according to the size chart and my torso length so I dont thing I need a new pack. **Do I just have to deal with it until I loose some more belly fat?**
All I can think is that the pack length is adjusted too long for you. I think you load up your pack and then affix the hip belt around your hips and then get someone to adjust the pack so that the shoulder straps are sitting right. Probably the pack manufacturer has some information on adjusting the pack on their website. Otherwise you may be able to find some generic information on pack adjusting on YouTube or somewhere. Backpacker.com may have some useful stuff to view or read.
The reality is that a strap will always slide to the loosest point. Thats why socks fall down and shorts legs ride up. If your hips are smaller than your waist this is what will happen. However I wonder if an adjustment will help. Most packs have side straps on the hip belt which will change how it sits. Getting those so the belt is on your hips and the pack is just on your back then setting the shoulder straps to match might help
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I have the same pack and have the opposite problem to you - I dont have a belly and the strap sits tight on top of my hips. I have to do this strap up supertight to feel "balanced" and to keep the weight off my shoulders and after a big tramp I have massive marks there where the belt has dug in. I think the strap will always move until it is sitting on top of your hips? At least all my past packs have done that. Pack adjustment can be a bitch at times until you get it right.
> Pack adjustment can be a bitch at times until you get it right. Yeah. Osprey packs seem to be very customizable. Most of their packs allow you to adjust the torso length and get different sized hip belts. I wish Macpac had adjustment options like this instead of having to choose a specific sized pack and then return it if something dosent fit right
Interesting you mention those straps @geeves as I've noticed they've largely disappeared from many packs. I think they are called hip-belt stabiliser strap/anti-sway straps. My Macpac Torre had them and they were brilliant. Designed to do two things; 1) pull the lower part of the pack closer to the lumbar region and increases rigidity during times you don’t want your pack to swing around, or 2) release the strap which allows the hip-belt to move independently to the pack – great for women who naturally swing their hips when striding it out. Having the option was such a plus. Osprey don't include them. Good to see Macpac does - and on the Torlesse. Your advice is spot on.

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