April 2018 updates

Kia ora koutou, It's been awhile. We're busy selling our house at the moment so there hasn't been much time. This update includes the following: * Forums: An URL of an image will display the image * Rebuilds of many minor pages * Many bugfixes * New login form and account recovery if you have forgotten your password * Slightly improved performance
Hi everybody, Sorry there were a few bugs in last night's update. These have been addressed. Changes: * Forums: add thread closure notice at top * Photograph sorting by date added * Updated home page * Several bugfixes Yes, you can now sort photos by date on this page as requested. https://tramper.nz/photographs
Thanks, Matthew - but it's not working (date sort of photos) - Samsung browser or Chrome on an S2 tablet nor Chrome on a Win10 PC Click on DATE and the page reloads (and the page address ends in ?q=&sort=date ) but the order of photos doesn't change (and Score button stays selected).
Ah thanks @bernieq the caching was stopping it working. I’ve turned caching off temporarily so it should work now.
All good :+1:
Not quite *all* good, perhaps. I'm not too keen on ads inside posts, Matthew. It looks a bit like the poster is sponsoring/approving/recommending the content. I can go with ads between posts - inside is (imo) certainly distracting; possibly misleading.
Kia ora @bernieq, I have been trialling automatic ad placement for the past couple days. It is interesting, but at this stage I plan to switch it off after I've gathered a little more data. Thanks for the feedback.
Another glitch it would seem - photos are again grey boxes (in samsung browser but ok in chrome) on the home page and photographs pages. They are OK, however, if I drill down to an individual photo. *edit* fixed a few punctuation glitches :astonished:

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Started by Matthew
On 7 April 2018
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