Disposing propane/butane canisters

I have a couple of these canisters at home that I want to dispose of and at least one has some gas in it....I can't seem to find anywhere the appropriate way to dispose of them?
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Before you burn off all your bits of gas with associated emissions, have you seen this? G-WORKS LPG Adapter/Camping Propane Small Tank Input and a Lindal Valve Output Seems like a solution to all those partially used cannisters by enabling you to transfer gas from one to another!! Bye bye wasted gas! Have just ordered one from Amazon.
There are people refilling butane canisters from the bbq bottle using adapters like this. Dont hear of any issues but there are several disclamers. Dont try any of this if you are not appropriately trained. If you chose to do this remember the valve wasnt designed with reusability in mind so could fail afer an unknown number of refills. Before starting buy a new cartridge of the same brand and weigh it. Dont fill your refills past this weight BBQ gas in NZ is a butane propane mix. This is generally safe but does not have the cold performance of isobutane mixes
I refill mine. Probably done it with 5-6 canisters. Seems to work ok, but as geeves said, I wouldn’t want to try using them at altitude.
People often comment about butanes poor performance at altitude. Butane is badly affected by temperature as its boiling point is about -0.5 so pressure drops getting close to this. However its the pressure difference that keeps your stove going so 2000 meters up the hill it will still work to below this temperature even though it would have stopped at home. If its 10C it wont matter what height you are at it will work fine. For security though liquid fuels are still king.
On long,multidayers,we land up with several empty gas bottles.When we get to a hut with an axe,they get a smack on the head to flatten them.Punctured & bulk removed quick smart.Have never had any issues.
Sounds good and reading between the lines its a pu version of event.
If worried about a spark put some grease or wet mud around where you intend to hit the bottle. Dont miss. Not great for the axe or chisel but it will quench any spark
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On 1 April 2018
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