Drones in National Parks

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I was recently tramping in the Nelson Lakes area. Heading over Hopeless Saddle and down past Hinepouri Tarn, I was buzzed by a drone for around five minutes. Some tourists staying at Lake Angelus Hut had carted in their drone and were busy filming in the area. While it was bothersome for a few minutes, I and they moved on quickly. Anyone know what the rules are around using drones in National Parks? Do they require concessions like other aircraft?
I think you can't use them unless they get concession. I have an Asian work college who has one. He just got back from a South Island road trip and showed me his drone footage from mt cook then told me he couldn't film for long or far into the park because of laws. I just played polite thinking how obnoxious they are.
We just finished the Routeburn track and there was a sign in the start of the trail saying No Drones.
You need a concession to use drones over DOC land. Each DOC district has a list of places it considers drone use acceptable and these are the only place where permits will be issued in normal circumstances. Here in Central the list is very short ... I will post a link if I find it online. I'd feel well within my rights to ask the operator if they have a permit / concession - they are supposed to have it with them to provide on request.
i'd feel within my rights to tell them how out of place a drone is in a park and throw a rock at it if its getting too close.. thoughtless buzzing them around people... who goes into a national park to put up with that? one of them sparked a grassland fire overseas when it caught fire, which isnt an infrequent occurence for a drone, they are prone to overheating and catching fire.
I'd still reserve judgement on the subject. They are just another recreational user. What i have a problem with, is the filming. But unfortunately, the presence of cameras in society now makes protecting your privacy almost impossible.
If drones were quiet instead of sounding like a supersized wasp swarm they wouldnt be so bad Maybe
http://www.doc.govt.nz/get-involved/apply-for-permits/business-or-activity/aircraft-activities/#drones This DOC page has information for drone users. They do require a concession. Potential problems are: 1. Disturbance of wildlife 2. Fire risk 3. Risk to public safety 4. Interference with other aircraft. I'm sure they're fun for the users, who probably also ride jet skis near secluded beaches and drive around town with the stereo on loudly and the windows down. Luckily, the weight and inconvenience of carrying them is probably likely to be a deterrent for them being transported too far from the road end.
um no.... they arent that heavy at all one TA walker has taken one on his entire TA walk and is posting photos online, he's been questioned online about whether he has permission to use it on DOC land... he hasn't answered the question...
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