Overland Track

Hello people. I know that Overland track is an Australian trekking..but I was curios about it and I was wondering if anyone of this group did already and what's the impressions or suggestions that you can give me. In may I will get a week off and I'm keen to do it.
i've day walked either end... its relatively flat, but elevated up to 1300m above sea level. extremely exposed to bad weather , the weather is similar to the south islands some people throw in walks up the side peaks that are scrambles. http://www.overlandguide.com/wp-content/uploads/main_map.pdf
www.bushwalk.com has a forum devoted to the OT; a good source of important info and somewhere that specific questions can be answered. It's very busy (like the Routeburn) but, to my mind, it's the side trips that make it interesting. In the season, you need to book. Out of season, you'll need snowshoes !

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Started by giuseppe23
On 29 March 2018
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