Routeburn track and Matukituki valley report

Hello people. Just came back from Nz yesterday I thought to share my experience with everyone. First of all thanks to all the people that helped me to prepare my trekking in the forums...all your advices did not get lost. 1)Routeburn track. Absolutely beautiful,I believe is something that have to be done. Yes it is a bit overcrowded but trampers leave always at different time of the day so often you find yourself alone in the track. Rangers at Routeburn falls and Lake Mackenzie hut are great. Always ready to help and telling great stories...and of course they often talk about the stupidity of some trampers. The 50 lt pack that I bought for the trip was perfect and I managed to fit everything that I need. 2)Matukituki valley Great as usual I was trying to attempt the French ridge hut but the warden at Aspiring Hut told us that the forecast weather would not be ideal. Thank God I listened to him...the same afternoon I did get a bad cold and fever went heavy rain started to fall down. The day after on my way back I had chance to test my Rab Arc Jacket pertex shield 3 layers..and unfortunely did not performed as expeted...3 hours of heavy rain totally soaked my jacket...and even my iPhone that is not working anymore(that's the only bad note of the trip). I definitely need something that really protect me against the elements..I will save some money and go probably for a Arc teryx in the future. For my trekking I used Scarpa Kailash in gore tex and they performed really well.No complains at all. Looking forward to going back. Regards Giuseppe
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Thanks for that. We're doing Routeburn next week.
what soaks you in heavy rain is sweat because no raincoat can let the sweat out when its raining when the humidity is high on the outside... theres nothing wrong with the fabric used in the Rab jacket. best way to get a jacket to breathe is get one with pockets with vented material on the inside or pit zips
Nice work man. Good to hear the advice from here helped on your adventure.
Hi @waynowsky! what you say might be truthful but on my trekking I've met some Americans with Arc teryx alpha sv or Beta and honestly they looked 100 times better than right though...the Arc doesn't have the the zip vent that make the jacket breath...I don't know...but honestly was the only item that was worried me in case of rainy days and unfortunately did not made me comfortable at all.
the grass always looks greener on the other side...
@waynowski: "get one with pockets with vented material on the inside or pit zips" That's interesting. I hadn't thought about that as a source of ventilation. Cheers,
@waynowski: "get one with pockets with vented material on the inside or pit zips" What is vented material? I got an Arcteryx with pit zips and one without...I prefer the first one when hiking for the reason you mentioned.
mesh or loose knitted fabric that lets a lot of air through open pockets into the jacket

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Started by giuseppe23
On 21 March 2018
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