Can't add rock biv's

Hi Matthew. I can't seem to add a Rock Biv. I click on Contribute -> Add Rock Biv. It takes me to: But just display a message and I get 'Sorry, you may not add content'. Add a hut and photos and everything else works ok. [edit] Now I'm confused. I see there's also 'Natural Shelter' under 'Add Hut'. Which should I use? Add Rock Biv? or Add Hut, Class: Natural Shelter?
Hi @madpom Oops let me check that out. "Natural shelter" under hut is old code -- I need to remove that too. Stand by.
Kia ora, There was a missing permission. I've added it in... does it work now? Matthew
Seems good @Matthew. Just added Worsley Rock Biv without issues.

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Started by madpom
On 24 February 2018
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