State of Waiotauru and Renata Huts?

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Does anyone have any recent insight into the state of Waiotauru Hut and Renata Hut? Thanks.

Take a tent instead and some rodent poison. Renata the better of the two as in you potentially can get some sleep there. Waiotauru is just a wreck. Elder hut on the other hand, is further up the ridge and all together a much better hut.

Waitararu is in the process of getting consents etc to build a new hut. We were hoping to have started building by now. but currently the comment above is being overly kind to that hut. Last time I was there the wals made it to the floor in a few places some of the roof didnt leak and it smelt like someone hadnt gone outside when they needed to deal with bladder issues. Still it will keep you dry on a clear night. Renata is old and basic and not often stayed at. Its hardly in its prime but its not that bad. Ive slept in far worse places

I love Renata hut, she's rustic, but in a great spot and it oozes tararua history. I've had good sleeps there. I prefer it to places like elder. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. waiotauru is the scummiest hut I've ever been too. It is like some gangpad from once were Warriors. I wouldn't replace it the 4wd community will treat it just like the shed that's there right now.

was at renata a week or two ago tho didn't stay the night. (R&J). Its in ok shape. The toilet is just downhill 50m or so - it took us a while to find it ! It's similar in style but slightly worse than cone hut in upkeep, but i did notice one log book entry said it was in a better shape than Waiotauru - which i've not been to yet.

Speaking of these huts - has anyone found Snowy Hut and is it easy to find? Its meant to be close to Waiotauru hut. See this:

I've not gone to Snowy but I have a grid reference someone gave me ages ago if it's helpful. I'll not post it here publicly as I know some people like their secrets, but flick me a private message if you'd like it. (Old NZMG grid but it's easy to convert to the modern NZTM.)

"I wouldn't replace it the 4wd community will treat it just like the shed that's there right now." Its actually 4wders that are replacing it. ARAC has the contract with Doc and they represent mostly motorised recreation. If it wasnt for 4wders that hut wouldnt even exist now although that might not of been that bad. I know what you mean though there are bad eggs in every form of recreation and motors just allow those bad eggs easier access. Its like Orange Hut in the Akatarawas. 4wders rebuilt it, some idiot burnt it down 4wders rebuilt it again. Luckily the council had insured it which would of paid for a similar structure but volunteer labour allowed the concrete fortress that is there now. As for the miscreant that burnt it down A name was rumored and that person was a trail bike rider. Never proven though despite lots of trying.

Thanks guys. Think I won't take the little ones in there. I have my eye on Elder, but will do that with a more experienced group.

I've spent a couple of nights at Renata: basic but serviceable and comfortable. Waiotauru? I would describe it in the same unflattering term as a certain orange clown used to describe Haiti and the continent of Africa.

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