North face Rain jacket

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Hello people! North face in Sydney is going crazy with sale... What you reckon about this rain coat.. Apparently has been quite revolutionary in the rain jacket range...My only worry is that for summer it's not quite indicated... Any thought about that??

you're not learning much here. so I will repeat myself all over again. "flex" is stretchy, stretchy garments are closer cut, they are sweat boxes in all but frezing weather its a heavy softshell 70 denier material with elastane that makes it heavier theres a reason people wear lighter "hardshells" and not softshells in the rain... because they work in a far bigger range of weather conditions than softshells. forget about radical new designs.... its like gambling all your money on a racehorse that you think looks fast...

Sorry Waynowski if I sound repetitive but you guys are only people that I can talk too about this stuff just because I dont' know anyone personally that love this as much as I do...thanks again for your suggestion...I might save at moment and then get something that can be beat :D

These are the jackets we used in the heavy rain for hours last week they both worked well: Arc’tyrex Beta SL Arc’tyrex Zeta AR The Zeta has pit zips which were very useful going up to the saddle. Both available in NZ stores although relatively expensive. Plenty of options, these worked for us in pretty trying conditions.

Thank you Forrest...absolutely...apparently the are the best picks on the market...but as you said very expensive... But as Waw said better to save some money now and then buy something that will last forever and can be probably Arc Tyrex are the best choice...but I have to wait at moment...outside of my pocket unfortunately :D

north face , outdoor research, macpac. rab, all better value for money and just as good. westcomb are made by ex arcteryx staff.... just as good and a lot cheaper, have to be bought online. i have three of their rainshells.

thank you way and forest..I might have a look into these.

theres always something on special here , you are buying from the states. but some brands you may have to use a mail forwarding company to get it shipped down under to avoid distributor monopolies and westcomb won't honour the warranty of any garment bought on sale, you have to produce proof of what you paid and pay any difference from full price if you buy on sale and want the warranty honoured

Check Trademe, that’s where I got the Zeta jacket brand new for about 50 % of retail - definitely helps with the value for money aspect.

you could buy another brand new for that price and be assured of something with no wear and a full warranty

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Started by giuseppe23
On 6 February 2018
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