Travers-Sabine Easter 2018

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Hi folks, I'm a hiker from Australia planning to do the Travers-Sabine circuit over 4 or 5 nights, likely setting out on March 30th. I've done the Routeburn, the Kepler and the Caples, as well as a big trek in Nepal but I am wary of the Travers-Sabine nonetheless. Would love to hear from you if you're keen to head out at this time. Thanks. Michael
"... but I'm wary of the Travers-Sabine nonetheless" Are you looking for advice, michael, or just tramping partner(s)?
its not difficult, less manicured version of a great walk. less exposed unless you're doing robert ridge.
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Ive just come from doing it.The huts get pretty full and theres heaps of wasps but as Waynowski says its not too bad.Travers saddle wouldn't be somewhere to be in bad weather but otherwise its fairly standard tramping.Check out the side valley huts like Cupola and Hopeless,they are well worth visiting.
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Thanks heaps for the feedback guys, was mostly wondering how much of a step up it was. Always cautious in NZ alpine areas but sounds within my ability. Wasps sound gnarly but was already prepped for hellish sandflies in the area.
What's the plan, michael? Are you carrying a tent? planning a side trip to Blue Lake? Going via Angelus of Speargrass? Robert Ridge is exposed but, in good weather, is a really enjoyable tramp. European wasps (particularly downstream of West Sabine hut), sandflies (particularly around Sabine hut), and lots of people (April might be less populated) are the less desirable elements. DEET/picaridin for the sandflies, anti-histamine for wasp stings - not much you can do about the people. As well as side valleys, Travers waterfall is a short side trip and Rainbow tarn (above Travers saddle) is worth a visit (and Rainbow Pass, if you're fit and fast).
I was thinking Lakehead/Upper Travers/West Sabine/Sabine and out. I was hoping to avoid the tent to cut down on weight but have a backup mattress in case all beds are full (people have told me this is OK for backcountry huts?) Definitely always rocking the strongest DEET in NZ and plenty of antihistamines!
Certainly many tramp the T-S without a tent (although you'll find plenty of comment on this website about the pros and cons) but, at least, I'd strongly advise carrying a PLB. If at all possible, make time to include Robert Ridge and Blue Lake.
Always carry emergency shelter
Hi. What's your concern about the TS loop ?. West Sabine hut can be busy as it's a regular stop for Blue Lake trippers and Te Araroa trampers. Lakehead might get blitzed by overnighters that just want a trip in & out again the next day. Wasp population can be high at Sabine, unless the protein bait poisoning programme is in swing late-summer. An air mattress for the floor is a good idea. Would think March is off-peak enough you won't need it ?. First week of March, one year, we had knee-deep snow on Travers Pass that had fallen overnight. There was nothing there the day before & next to nothing on the descent down the Sabine side. But, it can happen. It was bitter enough that no-one was game to stop and remove gloves for a photo :) . A solo tramper, not of our group, turned back. As stated, it's not particularly tricky, well supplied by huts and fairly popular. "Good luck" with hooking up with someone closer the time. Might pay to 'bump' or repost in March ?.
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