January 2018 updates

Kia ora everybody, Today's update continues on from December's work, plus adds a key feature that many of you have been asking for. I put some time in this evening to build it for you. * Some emoticons now work in forum messages as well as emojis. This is a retroactive fix. * Click on forum reactions to see who reacted. * Explore all the photographs you have ever added from your profile page. * Explore all the photographs added by another member. Here for example are mine: https://tramper.nz/member/photographs/Matthew Just one thing to note, if you are looking at older photographs. They may appear broken. Reload the page and they should appear. The problem is that they needed to be regenerated. This is a bug. 🐛
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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll check all this out...
Photos are currently sorted by a fairly vague "interestingness" formula which considers recency, views, and other factors. Options are to sort by recency or to have options to change the sort order.
By recency do you mean the upload date? Some kind of sorting option would be nice, be it by upload date, or alphabetical, or most viewed, or whatever :smile:
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... or geographical proximity ?
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Started by Matthew
On 8 January 2018
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