January 2018 updates

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Kia ora everybody, Today's update continues on from December's work, plus adds a key feature that many of you have been asking for. I put some time in this evening to build it for you. * Some emoticons now work in forum messages as well as emojis. This is a retroactive fix. * Click on forum reactions to see who reacted. * Explore all the photographs you have ever added from your profile page. * Explore all the photographs added by another member. Here for example are mine: https://tramper.nz/member/photographs/Matthew Just one thing to note, if you are looking at older photographs. They may appear broken. Reload the page and they should appear. The problem is that they needed to be regenerated. This is a bug. 🐛
Thanks, Matthew. Reloading the page works but navigating to any photo now fails (goes to the 'sorry, i can't find this page' page), including photos on the Photographs page.
What a headache! That’s working now. Bounced the page router.
Hi Matthew. What's with the Chinese? Every page on tramper that loads recently loads litteted with Chinese symbols ... which replace themselves with icons (eg search icon) after a few seconds. Never used to happen! Is it I'm missing a font or is it something with the site itself? Thought you'd gone multilingual for a bit there, but from the fact that they disappear after a few seconds guess its more a bug. Android browser & chrome on debian. Matt
Yeah, I noticed the same thing - eg the camera icon on the home page. Before the icon loads, a chinese? character displays (android, and both samsung browser and chrome). However, on the PC (win10 and chrome), the outline of a square displays before the icon is loaded. A quick look at the page code, it's a remote load of the camera icon (google material icons font) so I guess it's a font char, as marker for the remote icon until it loads. In win10, it's a square (default undefined char) and in Android it looks like an ideograph for 'camera' (cjk-3d3c or similar). Why? No idea 🤔 (Obviously, I'm at a loose end - cancelled a 4-day walk due to excessive temperatures)
It's the icon font. Does this happen on every page load?
Hi everybody, I have resolved some issues around fonts. Is there any improvement? Topomaps are now available. -- Matthew
Hi Matthew, When you look at the older photos you’re uploaded to the site (thanks for adding this ability btw), I was wondering what order they’re in? It doesn’t seem to be chronological, or most viewed, or highest average viewed?
Font thingy fixed. Topo map looks good but the extent, when changing to 'larger map' from the initial google maps view, is the whole of NZ, rather than a zoomed in view. Also, when linking to the Topomap website, the point's co-ords are not transferred.
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Started by Matthew
On 8 January 2018
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