December 2017 updates

Hi everybody, Today's updates focus on the forums. Included: * New visual design * Better support for mobile devices (the forums should look good on your phone) * style your messages with MarkDown syntax * A vast array of embeddable emoji * "ground rules" -- thread guidance from the original poster * react to posts with an emoji. Sometimes that's all you need. Known issues at this stage: * You can't see if you have already reacted to a post * You can change your reaction, but you can't remove it * a reference to the emoji shortcodes is probably needed Let me know here if you strike anything else. :sunglasses: Ngā mihi, Matthew
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Kewl ! A quantum leap in presentation. Thanks. Gave the OP a 'thumbs up', then tried it for another, but it only registered the first of mine. : ) Hmmm. Posts no longer recognising emoji in text ?. :) : )
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No longer recognising emoticons. I might try to fix that though.
FYI : I'm not seeing a 'start new thread' button when looking at the list of threads - only see it when in a thread.
Noted. Btw the emoticon fix plus seeing who reacted are both done but not deployed.

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Started by matthew
On 23 December 2017
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Formatting your posts

The forums support MarkDown syntax. Following is a quick reference.

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