Ben Nevis Access, Mt Richmond FP

Can anyone tell me how to access the Ben Nevis Track from the left branch of the Wairoa. DOC's instructions are nebulous and perhaps not surprisingly as the Topo map shows a labyrinth of forestry roads

DOC have come through with good map. All sorted.

Would you consider sharing it? Might stop others having to ask.

The Nelson Mountain Biking Club - 2,000 members! has really good information on road access. One can drive up to the confluence between the left and right branches and then 2km beyond this up the left branch. To go up the road between Bull and Boundary Creeks to access Ben Nevis, access is open at the weekend I believe. But the club will be able to tell you. They are very helpful and have an understanding with the forestry there to conduct their activities in the Wairoa Gorge.

Doc Nelson have a marked up topo map, a picture is worth a 1000 words, but take first right after Boundary Creek on "main" valley road. At first intersection after that go right at the second go left, according to the map that should do it. I will tell you when I have been there in February.

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Started by bmackz
On 27 November 2017
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