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Good idea Matthew. I will do that. Wrong locations are bad but thete is also the issue of photos without locations. For example I was researching the Waioeka area the ...
This month I have added YouTube video support. At present you need to upload your video to YouTube first. However, I will look at integrating the entire process. The advanced ...
Nicknames -- yes agreed. I had been thinking the same thing.
always interested in a good yarn about the bush
Hi, yes I just uploaded a fix. Sorry about that. Thanks for reporting it.
I see that now the spammers are creating spam content. I have left the content up while I build a mechanism to manage it, but I will be deleting it ...
Also, you may now delete your forum posts.
Great idea! It was a pain in a neck for me, solo hiker! I focussed on transport arrangement (someone to take me to Makahu Saddle) and forgot to obtain permission ...
Thanks for the link. I tested out this new tool a couple weeks ago and it performed very badly, crashing and not displaying properly on several different machines. I will ...
Indeed. Sorry I didn't get to this sooner -- it happened right at the time of a switch from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008, and I didn't have ...
Got that issue with Ian's files too. THANKS for all the bug reports.
Now just noticed that the huts that have been added by amyamesamos are not appearing in the hut gallery even thogh they are tagged hut. Also Ahhhh! should be in the ...
I went and did a search on "Tramping" in Utube and sure enough there was some stuff there that looked interesting.
Thanks for that. But now when I click on edit to go back into an item I get an error
Removed inadvertantly. They'll be back.
Just for your reference, many old articles will be merged into tracks in the coming months. Also that search bug has been fixed.
D'oh! Thanks -- fixed. :-)
GPX support has been added. It's nice to see people using it. It's rudimentary at present. I intend to add live display of GPX data onto Google Maps. Is there ...
Agreed. I will be sorting this out over the weekend. Hold on tight!
Hi. You may see we have switched over to the new Google Maps "terrain" view for plotting maps, which is more similar to the appearance of a topographical map. What ...
Coordinates are being converted and stored as NZGD2000 automatically. However they were being rounded off to nearest degree by the database. I have fixed this. Thanks for spotting it.
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