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what about that new camera that is on tv at the moment. its like a small camera that allows you to rotate and take panoramic shots
Matthew: I was just downloading some GPX files and notice that when I receive them the file name is truncated to the first space in the file name. That isn't so much a problem except ...
Matthew - search seems to be broken. Not returning huts or photos ...
Thanks I'll sort that out very soon.
Nice addition Matthew.
Hi everybody, I've made events more prominent. I'm not sure how useful they will be -- it's up to you! Fixed up a few issues and rearranged menus a little. Also worked on performance (squished up ...
To me, "tracks" are about both well-known named routes (Routeburn) plus ideas you think are worth sharing. If you have an interesting mix and match route, and you'd recommend it to others then that sounds ...
Hi Matthew, I think it is good the way it is. I didn't want to go and try the AT-DOT thing right after my first attempt was stripped because I wasn't sure if you didn't want ...
Correct. I was being pelted with Ernies.
Oops sorry. It should be fixed now. Thanks.
Hi Roderick, I'll have to think about that. It's definitely a long term goal to be able to replace the markers for tracks with lines representing the routes.
No need to do anything, on any time table! Great time to take off - the weather seems to be stabilising at last.
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I know that the Opera mobile browser reformats websites and displays them in forms more suitable for smaller screens. To see what I mean download the Opera desktop browser, then go to a website. Click ...
... and why cant I delete the picutes out of my gallery when I did post one pic a few times because I thought it didnt work, but it kind of did. I want a ...
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Yes, it looks that way...investigating.
Pmcke, Comparing revisions is fixed. Thanks for spotting that -- I'd totally overlooked it. Matthew
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Thanks so much for the converter now I can still use my old maps after DOC changed all their coordinates to Topo50!
Just tried writing a trip report as an article (Raukawa Lodge) and I have to say the ease of linking relevant info makes it the preferable choice I think.
haveing just said ill wait i had a fiddle with it and re sent the image and it worked fine ??? must be a glitch in the site sometimes it workes sometimes it dosnt
That's temporarily disabled while I work on a new design. It was killing the database server apparently. I'll try to get that sorted out promptly.
I was wrong, it did corrupt it!!
Managed to load the GPX file but it crashed when I try to add locations.
Sorry to hear Matt. Hope you're doing okay.
Mathew, I am having problems making my hut visits "stick". I have tried 3 times and I get the confirmation "tick" but when I revisit the page my visit date is not recorded. Great site.
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One of the problems I had initially with this process was that I normally have this site set to "remember me" so that I am logged on as soon as I go to the site. ...
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