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Hi We are two guys from the Christchurch Tramping Club looking for (two) people to join us on this trip. We start in St Arnaud on 28/12 and arrive on Lewis Pass on 2/1 or 3/1 ...
Hi, we are looking for a group out there walking the Heaphy East to West to coordinate a car-swap with on Jan 2nd: we each leave a car at the end we start. Once finished, ...
Hi, anyone interested to do the Rees-Dart tramp next week? Will be heading to the Routeburn this week continue with Rees-dart next. I have little experience tramping in alpine conditions and having a tramping partner ...
Hi everyone, my name is Nick, I'm 28 years old German living and working in Prague. This is my first trip to this country and I'm especially interested in two things: trekking as much tracks ...
Are you still searching for tramping partners? I will be doing the Routeburn next week, and perhaps continue with rees-dart.
Did you do your tramp in 2008. If not would you be interested to do the Milford track in 2009?
Hey there, I'm getting back into tramping after a 3 year break and would definitely be keen for some midweek tramps as I to work weekends. Cheers,Rob
Little late in the day I know but in case anyone is interested I will be coming over from Australia on the 6th April to do Tappy via the Hodder River. Permission has been given ...
hi guys, I have added a new forum:
Hi Unfortunately I have decided to do Mt Tapuae-o-uenuku instead and will hopefully be back over later in the year to do the Travers-Sabine circuit. If you are at all interested in climbing Tappi then please ...
Matthew, Thanks. That sounds like a reasonable explanation. I will keep it in mind in future. Aardvark
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Look for a partner to join in Wanganui River Trip starting 12 Febuary and canoeing for few days. There will be some paddlers from Melbourne on the canoe trip. Please do not hesitate to contact.
Wesport - Karamea buses did not run everyday, not on Sundays (from memory). I missed a bus and was lucky to meet another traveller / driver at Wesport Visitor Information Centre.
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