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I am a forty-seven year old male who loves the outdoors and camping out when I can. When I'm not doing this, I'm dreaming about doing it. The only time I feel at peace is when I'm out and about in Mother nature's realm. I find you cannot appreciate true beauty until you stand in awe of Nature's natural surroundings. I have been part of The great New Zealand Trek, from Port Jackson to Tairua. Took us about six days to do, and wow! did we see some absolutely gorgeous country up there. Coming into the fellowship of like-minded people and spending a few days camping (?!!) with them was a blast! Unfortunately, money and time always dictated that I missed the last stage or two. God grant me the blessing of having both so that I can do the next stage next year. (Donations gladly accepted!! Lol!!) I have also tramped the tracks around Whakatane with my lovely lady friend, and it's quite a good little workout, let me tell you! Next goal: the Waitakere's! Booyah!

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