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I suspect I am like many of the people swamping your site: a lover of wild and remote places with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to NZ, looking for local tramping advice. If it helps, I could recommend some excellent walks in the Rockies for any headed to North America (none close to me though - I live in South Dakota, a state largely given over to corn and soybean fields). We will be in NZ for three weeks, with two kids (11 & 14) in tow, and hope to spend most of it walking. The kids are solid for trips up to a week, days up to 16 km, and elevations up to 4,250 m. We plan to live mostly in tents or huts. We like people, but not crowds, so we're assuming we should skip the great walks and go for other tramps. There are so many other possibilities, though, we're a bit overwhelmed. Any suggestions for the best way to spend mid-March if landing in Christchurch (16th) and leaving from Auckland (april 6), would be greatly appreciated (we do have a car reserved).

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