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Hi everyone, my name is Luzia, I´m 25 years old and I´m from Germany. Since I was little I was dreaming of a journey to New Zealand and now I want my dream to come true. I have already walked a few trails for example in Sweden (Kungsleden for two weeks), but now I want to walk the Te Araroa from Cape Reigna to Bluff and I would rather not do this on my own, so I´m searching for a hiking partner or a small hiking group. I want to start in Oktober 2017 and finish around February in 2018. I have studied culture marketing and afterwards I startet working for a scouts association. This employment is temporary and will end at 30th of September. Before continuing to study I want to take a timeout and do the journey to New Zealand in the first place. I´m an open minded person, who likes to laugh and make fun things. I also like to go hiking and enjoy nature. If you would like to go hiking with me through Te Araroa please contact me.

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