Based in Taranaki. Happiest above the bushline. Trip write ups and photogrpahy at

Doing quite a bit of daywalking in the park lately, out most weekends if anyone feels like some fresh air and company. Also will be doing summit routes this winter as usual.

  • zonebluezoneblue discussed Mangorei Maude circuit 31 July 201631 July 2016.
    A few people mentioned an old track in the Egmont Pouakai area that links Mangorei Track through to Maude track. ...
  • zonebluezoneblue discussed 900 Days 900 Huts 13 April 201613 April 2016.
    And tight hip flexors / weak glutes. As a long time tramper i was really surprised about how limited my ...
  • zonebluezoneblue discussed Ruahine Range 4 September 20154 September 2015.
    That bypass track is a bit of a hike!
  • zonebluezoneblue discussed tahurangi lodge vandalised. 5 August 20155 August 2015.
    In the weekend, I noticed one fo the windows up on the deck was all boarded up. Wondered.
  • zonebluezoneblue discussed RTM Ruapehu in winter 20 July 201520 July 2015.
    Oh, and talking of signs, Doc has this sign up at the start of lower lake dive track saying that ...
  • zonebluezoneblue discussed GPS 29 April 201529 April 2015.
    See my review of etrex 20 and mr purples topo map for it: You dont need to buy maps for ...
  • zonebluezoneblue discussed FS: Suunto Core (All Black) as new $200 22 January 201522 January 2015.
    Yeah, id be interested. peteratzonebluedotorg
  • zonebluezoneblue discussed Etrex 20 Review 11 December 201411 December 2014.
    I jotted a few thoughts about the Garmin Etrex 20 GPS with NZ topo data here: If you are thinking about ...
  • zonebluezoneblue discussed Tongariro Alpine Crossing with 2 young children 8 September 20148 September 2014.
    I found the main thing with children is impeccable planning. Also might be worth trying one kid at a time
  • zonebluezoneblue discussed Mt Taranaki, Map 27 August 201427 August 2014.
    If its emailable, p et er a tzo neb l ue do tor g .If not we'll think of somethnig ...
  • zonebluezoneblue discussed RE: South Canterbury 27 June 201227 June 2012.
    Same offer. Ill be going up either Mt Peel or Mt Somers in the next few days, weather permitting. Id ...
  • zonebluezoneblue discussed RE: Non-Track Tramps 14 February 201214 February 2012.
    Second both of these suggestions. For Kaimanawas, Waipakihi River is also good. For Tongarairo a fav trip is Mangetopopo, south crater, traverse ...
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