Been regularly tramping throughout NZ since 1970. Am an ex NZ Forest Service employee, private forestry company employee & a contractor who has done 30+ years of full time work in the forests & mountains. Still do a bit these days on contract or as a volunteer but most back country time is now recreational.

Since moving back to the West Coast SI in 2007 tramping has mainly been in the West Coast/Tasman area but several trips further afield are undertaken each year. Still love getting out there!

Mt Fox Route

Mt Fox Route

A marked route from State Highway 6 a little south of Fox Glacier up to the open tops via Mt Fox. At first it is a cut and marked track and then it becomes a snow poled route as far ...   More ▶︎
Blue Duck Bivvy

Blue Duck Bivvy

A derelict B-49 NZ Forest Service hunters bivvy that was built in the late 1950's and is still on site. The window and door are off it and it has caved in somewhat from weight of snow. In an emergency ...   More ▶︎
Turnbull Bivvy

Turnbull Bivvy

A tidy two bunk bivvy with an open fire. The bunks have thin closed cell foam mattresses rather than thicker DOC mattresses with fireproof covers that are the norm in most DOC huts. This bivvy was built by the NZFS in ...   More ▶︎
Sunshine Flat Shelter

Sunshine Flat Shelter

An open sided shelter with a wooden floor. It is located just off the Oparara Valley Track, Northern Buller, West Coast and was once the camping area of the track builders. The Valley Track links the historic Fenian Track with ...   More ▶︎
Charming Creek Walkway

Charming Creek Walkway

One of Buller's longer established walkways that is also open to mountain bikers. The majority of the 10.5 km route follows an old railway formation. The route is littered with historic sawmilling and coalmining relics. The lower Ngakawau gorge section is ...   More ▶︎
Mt Turiwhate track

Mt Turiwhate track

A route from SH73 at Grahams Creek, Turiwhate up to the tussock tops from where you can continue to the Turiwhate trig beacon or other high points on the Turiwhate Range. Great views are to be had from the crest of ...   More ▶︎
John Hayward Memorial Hut

John Hayward Memorial Hut

Also known as Kowai hut but not to be confused with Kowhai hut in the Kaikoura area near Mt Fyffe. This hut is on Brooksdale Station near Porters Pass in the headwaters of the Kowai River. Brooksdale Station if asked ...   More ▶︎
Blue Mountain Hut

Blue Mountain Hut

Located in the Waihopai Scenic Reserve South Marlborough amongst high country pastoral country. This hut was originally built by the NZFS for wild animal control. These days it is maintained by DOC but gets few visitors because of the difficulty ...   More ▶︎
Lake McRae Hut

Lake McRae Hut

This hut dates from 1970 and was originally an NZFS four bunker. In Feb/March 2012 the hut received a major upgrade by DOC. It is now a six bunker with a dozen mattresses on site. It has an enclosed woodburner ...   More ▶︎
Elliott Bivvy

Elliott Bivvy

This newish bivvy is at the site of an older demolished hut. It is on the East - West route in Molesworth Recreation Reserve between Seymour and Lake McRae huts. Elliott Bivvy is somewhat unusual in that there is an open ...   More ▶︎
Saxton Hut

Saxton Hut

A six bunk hut with a woodburner stove newly erected at this site in April 2012. This is the 3rd site for this hut. It was originally sited at Quartz Creek in 1968 and then shifted to Boulder Stream in ...   More ▶︎
Severn hut

Severn hut

A newish six bunker without a fire built in 2006. It's fenced to keep cattle out. It's on the DOC East - West tramping route through Molesworth Recreation Reserve and is also a stop over hut for the Leatham - Molesworth ...   More ▶︎
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    Amuri Pass was once a walking and stock droving route between Canterbury and the West Coast. It was first walked ...
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    This is the cemetery on the loop track near Lyell Creek not the one by the Buller River.
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    I took this photo when returning to the track after some time roaming the tops in the Mt Zetland area ...
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    There has been some talk about relics on the Kelly Range from the quartz mining days and speculation about remains
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    I located the battery remains last month after tramping in from the Croesus Track Smoke Ho carpark near Blackball. The
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    This view shows the landscape of the Matiri Range and looks SW from near Point 1393m. You need to cross ...
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    A panorama photographed yesterday morning from Karnbach Ridge while heading up to Mt Ashmore. It is Mt Durward left of picture ...
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    Looking toward Browning Pass etc from high on Mt Browning. I climbed up from the Styx Saddle and enjoyed great ...
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    I visited this trig beacon recently during cloudy weather. Whilst the views were no good from the hill top in
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    Yes, steer clear of Gri Sport boots if you you intend doing a lot of off track walking. We have
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    It was the Mt Fox a little south of Fox Glacier. We have a bit about the route on this ...
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    This picture was taken while climbing Mt Willberg in South Westland. It was the first photo taken for the day ...
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    I've met a guy in NW Nelson, surname Young?, who told me he's been all through that country in winter ...
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    This autumn morning photo shows the remains of one of the old trig beacons on Mt Watson and looks out ..
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