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  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton discussed BD Turbo Ice Screws 17 December 201717 December.
    5 Assorted lengths as part of BD 'ScrewUp' kit. Never used. Each retails upwards of from A$85. Post from Perth. ...
  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton discussed tramping january-february 2015 9 January 20159 January 2015.
    dunynel, noticed not too much interest. Have you decided on anything?
  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton discussed Track info - Ivory lake 4 November 20144 November 2014.
    Cheers Glenn. I'll go back and check the notes and map with your suggestion(s).
  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton added the photograph, Route to Landsborough from Elcho Pass 5 October 20135 October 2013.
    A good option for accessing Landsborough to avoid a section of river travel the downstream Broderick Pass route requires. Good ...
  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton added the photograph, Olivine Ice Plateau 5 October 20135 October 2013.
    Easy travel from the Olivine Ledge to the river of same name before heading up the Forgotten River to the ...
  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton added the photograph, Copland Shelter 7 July 20137 July 2013.
    The tin barrel - a welcome site after a hard climb
  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton added the photograph, Sleepy Hollow 23 April 201323 April 2013.
    situated on the ridge between Glenorchy and Caples Valley
  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton added the photograph, Conical Hill to Horace Walker Hut route 23 April 201323 April 2013.
    access is via a marked track that climbs steeply up from Regina Creek to beneath Conical Hill, from here travel ...
  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton added the photograph, Head of Landsborough 22 April 201322 April 2013.
    Taken from Douglas pass with Karangarua Saddle to right in distance
  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton added the photograph, Lake Douglas 22 April 201322 April 2013.
    Taken from the Morraine Wall above the lake head, Moss Flat near AP HArper Rock Biv. Traverse is on true ...
  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton discussed 30 March 201330 March 2013.
    Thx for your reply Glenn's. As an update for others, judging from early weather forecasts I'd be starting around the 3rd ...
  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton discussed RE: 5-7 day walk in January 28 October 201128 October 2011.
    Madpom's notes are awesome and I wish I had these then. Pretty much all these walks being suggested are described in
  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton discussed RE: Landsborough from Hopkins via Broderick Pass 28 September 201128 September 2011.
    Its been over a year since I did this trip and with another trip organised for November, I was looking
  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton discussed Ohau area - Elcho & Broderick Pass Sat 28th Feb 25 February 201025 February 2010.
    I'm looking at a trip up the Hopkins Valley then over Elcho Pass into the Landsborough. From here plan is ...
  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton discussed Broderick / Elcho Pass 22 February 201022 February 2010.
    Planning a trip over the Broderick Pass from the Huxley, up the Landsborough then back over into the Hopkins via ...
  • mikiejhintonmikiejhinton discussed RE: Landsborough January 18 January 201018 January 2010.
    Hey Guys, Be interested in knowing what route you took for this. Have always been interested in heading into the landsborough ...
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