Ive been tramping in NZ a long time
Up until 79 I tramped with school and scouts etc in the Otago region but moved to Wellington where eventualy I joined Wn Tramping Club where I met my wife. Kids forced a many year break after which we joined HVTC where we have been members for 3 years.
Its taken me a long time to fill in my profile as Im lazy
This is or at least was one of the classic Tararua huts (mountain house) This could be one of the last pictures ever taken of it

  • geevesgeeves discussed Adopting a hut 24 November 201724 November 2017.
    When you sign the contract you become a volunteer worker and therefore liable to the same h&S as regular employees
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    If only I had a tin of spam at work Oh wait now Ive read this post I do
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    maybe this contractor is on a work visa and thinks milford road is the track
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    The intent is what matters. Taking a photo then some time later selling it is no different to giving that ...
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    I missed most of this as I was away but with the deleted comments it becomes quite unreadable. Might it ...
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    Ive seen things in the papers here and thought Im sure I read that here first
  • geevesgeeves discussed Hut Bagging Rules- a dilemma 5 July 20175 July 2017.
    darken the door might not be the idea when you arrive in darkness
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    Predator drones would fit the bill and get the job done a lot faster. Maybe the US airforce could use ...
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    insurance co's tayler the cover to the country of travel If there is ACC then accident cover is removed If ...
  • geevesgeeves discussed 26 April 201726 April 2017.
  • geevesgeeves discussed old Wangamomona Road 24 April 201724 April 2017.
    This has just come from the NZ4WD association. There is more information at and
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    The way I was thinking is that if you know a search is starting to look for you then setting ...
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    Head shot from the front at a slight downwards angle and there wouldnt be much to complain about.Can we use ...
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    You got waynowski on a bad day. However at the start you were talking about hiking for days at a ...
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    White island doesnt have a history of big erruptions and is downwind in most circumstances. It would be a unusually ...
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    what cynicism?
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    Exchange rate is often more of an issue. If paying by credit card often the foreign currency is converted to ...
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    I dont know 2 couples enjoying the outdoors. Only in LA
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    Mathew Since the original poster deleted the first post mine didnt make sense any more so please can you delete the ...
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    I dont think there is any conditioner that is suitable for nubbuk. I had a pair of boots made from ...
  • geevesgeeves discussed Wellington tramping clubs 14 October 201614 October 2016.
    Most clubs happily acept out of towners. If nothing else it gives an accommodation option on the way there. As ...
  • geevesgeeves discussed Hut Fees 7 October 20167 October 2016.
    Doc haven unusual way of accounting for things which is a large part of why they want rid of huts
  • geevesgeeves discussed Commercial Guiding without Permit/Concession 6 October 20166 October 2016.
    That sounds like all questions answered all boxes either ticked or ready to be ticked when the need arises. So often ...
  • geevesgeeves discussed Bibles in Huts 4 October 20164 October 2016.
    If ISIS militants got into our bush then they would be misplaced forever. Either that or hung by the bush ...
  • geevesgeeves discussed How old is old enough 4 October 20164 October 2016.
    "He had a ball hunting for yeti though has yet to see one." Did he check under all the rocks?
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