Moved down to the Sth Island five years ago to spend more time in the outdoors. Am permanently living in Christchurch and plan to make this year more about me and less about work! Looking forward to a year of wilderness adventures!

Staveley Hill

Staveley Hill

Part of the Mt Somers circuit, Staveley Hill climbs from Sharplin Falls carpark and past Hookey Knob along the south face. A great place to stop for lunch or, if you decide not to go to the summit, you still ...   More ▶︎
Mt Somers Track (South Face)

Mt Somers Track (South Face)

Woolshed Creek Hut - Rhyolite Ridge Track junction (4 km) Time: 2 hr. The route takes in dynamic scenery with regenerating mountain beech forest within a vaulted landscape of waterfalls, deep, icy pools and forbidding rocky tors. From the hut ...   More ▶︎
Miners Track to Woolshed Creek Hut

Miners Track to Woolshed Creek Hut

This track follows, in part, the line the miners took to the old Blackburn Mine. The track, if accessed via Woolshed Creek picnic area, climbs steeply along the hand-built jig that used to transport coal from the Blackburn Mine to ...   More ▶︎

Mt Donald

A short but sharp climb up private farmland to the top of Mt Donald with nice 360* views over Waipara and Nth Canterbury. Approx 420-450m.   More ▶︎

Mount Herbert: Orton Bradley Park approach

From Charteris Bay, this route leads through Orton Bradley Park to Mount Herbert / Te Ahu Patiki (919m).   More ▶︎
Cass Saddle

Cass Saddle

From the car park at the east end of the Cass road bridge, follow the vehicle track next to the row of pine trees until it meets Cass River. Follow the riverbed upstream, you will need to cross the river ...   More ▶︎
Mt John

Mt John

There are two routes up Mt John. The first takes approx 2 hr 30 min to 3 hr return leading from the hot pools and climbing up through forest to open tussock grasslands. The second takes approx 3 hr to ...   More ▶︎

Daly's Clearing Loop Track

A quick and easy weekend getaway. Leaves from Franklin Rd and loops around past Dalys Clearing Hut to join the Waitawheta track back to Franklin Rd. Can stop for a night at the hut.   More ▶︎

Wentworth Track

A walking track takes you from the campground to Wentworth Falls. The track follows an easy grade alongside the Wentworth River, crossing it twice before climbing to a good view of the falls. The falls are in two drops of ...   More ▶︎
Pinnacles Hut (Coromandel)

Pinnacles Hut (Coromandel)

Situated in the Kauaeranga Valley on the Coromandel Peninsula, this is New Zealand's largest hut, with 80 bunks. Aside from standard facilities, this hut offers solar lighting, a cold shower, gas cookers and a barbecue. A warden is present at ...   More ▶︎

Scenery Nook, Timu Timu Head, Banks Peninsula.

Scenery Nook is a little cove on Timu Timu Head, Banks Peninsula. Track is on private land so you will need to seek permission from land-owners first. It's a short stroll over farmland and down cliffs to a little rocky ...   More ▶︎
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