I'm out there most weekends. I have a background in climbing and instruction as well.

Most of my tramping is with my favourite tramping buddy, my partner, Frank King. I have also led trips with the CTC and the PTC when Frank wasn't available but it's been a while since I've been out with the clubs now.

I am a member of the Remote Huts group, Permolat and the DoC User Group. Frank and I also have cut, permolatted and continue to maintain 10 tracks in Canterbury and on the west side of the main divide.

check out Frank's site: google "tramping report"

Magdalen Hut to Jervois Hut via the Opera Range and return

4 day circuit on St James Conservation Area.   More ▶︎
Mt Curtis Hut

Mt Curtis Hut

This newish hut completed 2012 is a replacement hut for the old Mt Curtis Hut. The new hut is the result of a community project lead by Warren Inwood. Locals fund raised, built the hut & upgraded the track. DOC ...   More ▶︎

Boundary Peak Hut (Brunner Range)

From Mt Curtis and along the ridge to Boundary Peak is all easy quick travel and the 2km bush section is relatively open and easy. Midway along this section Simon Lewis and Mauricio Lloreda happened upon a single orange plastic ...   More ▶︎
Exploring the South Opuha

Exploring the South Opuha

A new trip with a new hut to bag in a hunter's paradise north of Fairlie.   More ▶︎

Kopuwai Circuit (old man range in Central Otago)

2 day circuit involving 2 high points on range and visiting 2 back country huts.   More ▶︎
Cookies Hut

Cookies Hut

Former musterers' hut oft used by hunters. Now owned and newly renovated by DoC as of Feb 2016.   More ▶︎

Kelly Tops, Dry Creek, Taipo Circuit

A 3 day circuit from 7 Mile Creek to the Kelly Tops, down to Hunts Saddle and then over Hunts Ridge down to the Taipo via Dry Creek. Then downstream to 7 Mile Creek again.   More ▶︎
Black Birch Track (Ferny Gair Cons. Area, Marlborough)

Black Birch Track (Ferny Gair Cons. Area, Marlborough)

Well cut and marked track along true left of BB stream. The Marlborough Deerstalkers have taken over management of this area and hope to clear the top of the track some more in Nov, 2015.   More ▶︎

Mt Somers Hut to Manuka Hut in the E. Stour

Easy ridgeline traverse from Mt Somers Hut along to Quaker Saddle and a fast descent to the saddle between the West and East branches of the Stour.   More ▶︎
Monument Track from Head of Kaituna Valley

Monument Track from Head of Kaituna Valley

A 6 km long section of track climbing 460 m in altitude to meet the network of tracks running from Purau Saddle, Mt Herbert and Port Levy Saddle. The Monument Track itself carries on to Purau Saddle and the eponymous ...   More ▶︎

Telephone Hut

Historic wee windowless hut on small plot of crown land. It must have served as the phone office for about 7 nearby stations. Now on Te Araroa trail on the Braemar Rd and used by the long pathway travelers. Currently only ...   More ▶︎
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    4 day circuit on St James Conservation Area.
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    GPS'ed route.
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    Updated route information from Kelly Range to Hunt Saddle due to recent track clearing and marking.
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    BTW my 14 year old brother and his mate did the Otehake Edwards trip way back in 1970 all by
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    The Nelson Mountain Biking Club - 2,000 members! has really good information on road access. One can drive up to ...
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    You might be able to zip 2 sleeping bags together. This would make extra room that accommodates an infant. Another ...
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    added info on access from Jones/Jervois stream confluence
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    As a snorer, I'm gonna have to check out this snorex. I've been known to sleep in the woodshed if
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    He sounds like a delightful character and a big loss to all who knew him. Not sure what the natural ...
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    From Mt Curtis and along the ridge to Boundary Peak is all easy quick travel and the 2km bush section ...
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    Yes, the stations were intended as a source of funding for the University of Canterbury. I've been reading a wee biography ...
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    He's having a break from the forum. Sometimes people need a bit of time out.
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    I saw a recipe the other day for pancakes made from mashed kumara, flour and salt. Possibilities there too and ...
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    The track to Lake Kaurapataka on the west coast, just downstream from Otira has some great red beech trees. Nowadays ...
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    @mariku: How are you going with the tent stove project? I hear Aarn Tate is also working on something like ...
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    I often have a little sponge down before bedtime. Sometimes you can heat the water up on top of the ...
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    There was one style of handle where you could insert a piece of cork in the gap (back in the ...
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    I've had a look on the Aji online shopping website to try and find the dehydrated refried beans. I couldn't ...
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    From a book I got through Freecycle referring to Quill's climb of the falls : "Quill had to be a ...
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    I went back to Doughboy and found where the track starts. It is in the logical place really. It starts
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    @Clint: cheers, and just to reassure you, it wouldn't take 4 hours in the dark but there might be some ...
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    That was a hilarious thread on Permolat to read. So much conjecture and accusations of photoshopping.
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    Capitalised Lost for ya.
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    Well appointed hut, courtesy of the MacKenzie Alpine Trust.
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    I did hear back from Sarah Ensor in DoC. She confirmed the Lees Valley address as being the replacement for ...
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    @gaiters: I feel your pain. My muttly did a bit of tramping with us and she was trained to ignore ...
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