My whole life has been dominated by outdoor activities. Even in this day and age i cannot ever see that changing.
It has been about making it sustainable. Enhancing the skills is part of it but ensuring the ability by having the other facets of my life supportive of my outdoor life.
I guess i'm addicted to that moment when i'm embarking on an activity.
It can be a multi day thing far from home and it can be a half day thing close to home.
I also love the feeling of exhaustion from good hard exercise and the exhiliaration from completing something truly testing.

New Years on the glaciers -2003

New Years on the glaciers -2003

Part of a four day traverse of Fox and Franz Josef glaciers starting at Pioneer hut on Fox and making it to Centennial hut on Franz Josef via West Hoe Pass in the first day.   More ▶︎
Brewster track to Mt.Armstrong

Brewster track to Mt.Armstrong

An ascent from the state hwy(SH6),just west of Haast Pass,of over 1700m to a summit on the main divide of the Southern Alps. A climb through beech forest from 450m to the bushline at 1160m and on to Brewster hut ...   More ▶︎
Wilkins - Young (Gillespie Pass) Circuit

Wilkins - Young (Gillespie Pass) Circuit

Crossing the Makarora river on foot to the Young valley. Ascending to Young Hut in the first day. 2nd Day - Climbing over Gillespie Pass and camping at the junction of Gillespie Stream and Siberia river. An ascent to Lake ...   More ▶︎
The Five Passes - Mt Aspiring NP

The Five Passes - Mt Aspiring NP

Beech forest,scree and snow grass slopes,valley flats and river crossings all combine with five high alpine passes to complete a circuit,if you wish. Tents and rock bivvies are all that's on offer. The need exists to navigate with map and ...   More ▶︎
  • aardvarkaardvark updated the photograph, The Ben Ben Range from Foggy Pk 26 March 201826 March.
  • aardvarkaardvark added the photograph, Negotiating treefall - Griffin Tops track 21 March 201821 March.
    It's familiar, but climbing over on the return. Took a way around on the ascent.
  • aardvarkaardvark added the photograph, Southern descent of Mt.Browns Tops 18 March 201818 March.
    Moving through a boggy section of the Mt.Browns Tops route just before dropping over the edge into the creek. That's ...
  • aardvarkaardvark added the photograph, Leaving Mt.Browns Tops 18 March 201818 March.
    A good stretch of the legs. Everyone else we saw on this walk and there were a few, was staying ...
  • aardvarkaardvark added the photograph, A tarn on Griffin Tops 18 March 201818 March.
    On a shelf below Wilson's Knob 1291m, the southern side of Griffin Tops. We didn't bring the Steripen so maybe ...
  • aardvarkaardvark updated the photograph, A closer view of the serpentine Mine 18 March 201818 March.
  • aardvarkaardvark added the photograph, Griffin Tops 11 March 201811 March.
    Looking along the tops toward Mt.Griffin. The Serpentine mine is in view below the top of Mt.Griffin. West of Arthurs Pass NP
  • aardvarkaardvark commented on aardvark'saardvark's photograph, Part of the Beansburn bivvy 30 June 201230 June 2012.
    In this case the tarp wasn't ours. Some thoughtful person carried it in along with a pair of sandshoes. Small ...
  • aardvarkaardvark added the photograph, Ice Plant 28 June 201228 June 2012.
    Not the type for sale to the public
  • aardvarkaardvark added the photograph, Beansburn bivvy 27 June 201227 June 2012.
    The upper Beansburn. Certainly not the best bivvy.When its very cold and wet outside, then there's plenty of room for ...
  • aardvarkaardvark added the photograph, The view from Beansburn bivvy 27 June 201227 June 2012.
    The upstairs section anyway. Looking upstream to Fohn saddle.
  • aardvarkaardvark commented on aardvark'saardvark's photograph, Shotover Saddle 26 June 201226 June 2012.
    Pleased it was calm however that shadow was literally following Kathryn as she was walking up the slope. The sun ...
  • aardvarkaardvark added the photograph, Cameron Hut 23 June 201223 June 2012.
    On the south branch of Camerons Creek. Recently (as in early 2012) got a refurb with regards the stove and roof.
  • aardvarkaardvark added the photograph, Winter in Otago - Ben Lomond 22 June 201222 June 2012.
    It's early June 2012 and the snow is slowly doinating the high country. Taken from the Moonlight track just north ...
  • aardvarkaardvark added the photograph, Ben Lomond from the Moonlight track. 22 June 201222 June 2012.
    The Moonlight track continues around to Arthurs Point from the saddle below Ben Lomond. Otago June 2012
  • aardvarkaardvark added the photograph, Ben Lomond 21 June 201221 June 2012.
    Taken from the ridgeline above the Skyline Gondola. June 2012
  • aardvarkaardvark added the photograph, Bowyers Stream - Mt.Somers 21 June 201221 June 2012.
    Starting in the dark at 5am, i had to take this one on the return trip from Sharplin Falls carpark ...
  • aardvarkaardvark added the photograph, Waterfall on Bowyers Stream - Mt.Somers 21 June 201221 June 2012.
    A walk along Bowyers Stream to Pinnacles Hut jst after the dump of snow in Canterbury in early June 2012.
  • aardvarkaardvark discussed RE: Sex in a Tent 17 May 201217 May 2012.
    I've still got an old one called 'How to have sex in public without being noticed.'
  • aardvarkaardvark discussed RE: Boots 10 May 201210 May 2012.
    Other factors can come into play. Anti-bacterial treatments, washing powders. These will react differently on some individuals.
  • aardvarkaardvark discussed RE: Pack Repair - Buckles and Clips 4 May 20124 May 2012.
    ITW Fastex NZ (used by Macpac in the past), Duraflex, National Moulding. These are some leads for you. There are ...
  • aardvarkaardvark discussed RE: Problem Keas 3 May 20123 May 2012.
    I got a ten centimetre tear in my tent fly last visit to Shotover saddle but i would hardly take ...
  • aardvarkaardvark added the photograph, Tummel Burn hut 27 April 201227 April 2012.
    The Forks. Junction Flat. Where the Tummel Burn meets Tyndall stream and they in turn start the Shotover River.
  • aardvarkaardvark commented on LawrieM'sLawrieM's photograph, Adverse Creek meets Perth River 26 March 201226 March 2012.
    Looks like a great trip. I expect you walked the length of the ice plateau.
  • aardvarkaardvark discussed RE: National Park Fees for Visitors 14 February 201214 February 2012.
    That's the way of the world isn't it. Supply and demand. If trampers are forgetful enough to leave buying their ...
  • aardvarkaardvark commented on aardvark'saardvark's photograph, Kaipo Hut 9 February 20129 February 2012.
    If i recall correctly there was no name on the box. That's the only reason we couldn't be sure they ...
  • aardvarkaardvark discussed RE: Scrambles near Wanaka 7 February 20127 February 2012.
    Try Dragonfly pk above Sth AlbertBurn saddle. Can be accessed by the East Matukituki. Near to that is Sisyphus Pk. ...
  • aardvarkaardvark discussed RE: Weekends tramping Christchurch Canterbury 27 January 201227 January 2012.
    yeah... but do you tramp in Canterbury?
  • aardvarkaardvark discussed RE: Freeze dried meals 23 January 201223 January 2012.
    It's interesting how the meat in freeze dried meals differs to that which is dehydrated. The freeze dried meat tends ...
  • aardvarkaardvark discussed RE: Moonlight and Roses hut ( near Hawea) 5 January 20125 January 2012.
    Sounds great...although the compass is so much easier.Don't need batteries ..don't need satellites...saves much time.. and was around long before ...
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