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  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed Buying merino gears in NZ 24 October 201724 October 2017.
    2 other places for cheaper Icebreaker gear in Wellington is the Bivouac outlet store in Willis St and Gordons at ...
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed Gaiters and Putties 11 January 201711 January 2017.
    I almost always wear trail shoes except when crampons are required, so I use leather boots and knee height canvas ...
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed Makara to owhiro bay 3 November 20163 November 2016.,7639 has an excellent write-up from one of the "elder statesmen" of the club. brings up some useful trip repo
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed 6 Part Ed Hillary drama on TV1 & OnDemand 8 September 20168 September 2016.
    I've just re-watched the film documentary "Beyond the Edge" which I think came out 2-3 years ago that focused on ...
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed kids in the outdoors article 29 May 201629 May 2016.
    Usually because they have run up and down the whole mountain twice before you've made your first ascent, if my ...
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed Tracks near Wellington 21 April 201621 April 2016.
    The Whakanui tracks (east,west) to Orongorongo river in the Rimutakas are a 10min walk from the Route 80/170 Wainui South ...
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed Gore-tex like bigger jackets 21 December 201521 December 2015.
    @Castyn, Like you I struggle to find stuff that fits in traditional tramping shops. I've found most of my clothing including ...
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed How many hours do you tramp for on a typical day? 6 November 20156 November 2015.
    I've just come through a torn meniscus injury too from Labour weekend last year. Was going downhill and the foot ...
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed Your camp stove 30 June 201530 June 2015.
    Currently I either use a Snowpeak Gigapower gas canister stove for trips where temps are above 0°C ("3-season") and for
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed Maybe something positive 30 January 201530 January 2015.
    People who give you a ride to/from roadends, allowing you to do those through trips rather than finding loops to ...
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed NZ's wilderness heritage 3 November 20143 November 2014.
    Another book for the christmas pressie list. This one's a little lighter than the tramping history book at 1.75kg.
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed book: history of NZ tramping 12 September 201412 September 2014.
    Details of the book at the publishers website: Looks like Christmas is sorted...
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed can't post a large message 1 August 20141 August 2014.
    Hi Matthew, I've tried posting a long post from the home pc (win7, chrome 36) and it posted fine. When I ...
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed testing long post 1 August 20141 August 2014.
    Matthew, Spent lunchtime looking through the discussion document on track grading. Far more interesting than what I was supposed to
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed 17 April 201417 April 2014.
    Heading onto and along the Tararua tops for 7 days until Anzac day with my daughter. Her first tramp longer ...
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed RE: The fall and rise of tramping clubs and tra... 29 September 201229 September 2012.
    There are also Meetup clubs. Here in Wellington there are the Adventure Wellington and Wellington Tramp groups. I believe similar ...
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed RE: My New Zealand tramping photos and panoramas 20 June 201220 June 2012.
    Fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing.
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed RE: Cactus Miklat 7 June 20127 June 2012.
    I brought a second hand one off Trade Me about 6 years ago to use as my everyday bag for
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed Tararua Footprints Online 3 May 20123 May 2012.
    Perhaps the definitive route guide of the Tararuas, Tararua Footprints by Merv Rodgers has been placed online.­wiki/pmwiki.php/Tara­ruaFootprints/HomePa­ge Merv Rodgers has
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed RE: new members 17 July 201117 July 2011.
    Hi Brenthen, I'm Wellington based too. I second Geeves' suggestion about checking out some of the Wellington tramping clubs. Each club ...
  • nzbazzanzbazza commented on fetumich'sfetumich's photograph, Rangipo Desert 13 July 201113 July 2011.
    Awesome photo
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed RE: Abel Tasman - how many days to spend?? 4 July 20114 July 2011.
    Dylster reminded me, having a green salad, scallops and a wine at Awaroa Lodge wasn't tramping but something else and ...
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed RE: Things I have learnt! 18 October 201018 October 2010.
    It's amazing how some plants in the bush can grow chocolate. How come only those less than 10 years in ...
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed RE: Te Araroa vs Otaki Remote Experience Area 14 January 201014 January 2010.
    Good to see common sense prevailing in this decision by DOC. My reasons for opposing the proposed Oriwa ridge route ...
  • nzbazzanzbazza discussed RE: Hydration Pack vs Bottle 30 November 200930 November 2009.
    I carry both a 3l bladder and a 2l water bottle, actual water carried does depend to the route taken. ...
  • nzbazza discussed RE: Gaiters or Overpants 29 April 200929 April 2009.
    99% of the time I wear shorts with gaiters, long for snow or going off track in bush, short for ...
  • nzbazza discussed RE: Southern Alps 26 January 200926 January 2009.
    I asked Madpom the same question. He was gracious enough to answer it here:­/?view=topic&id=298 I am planning on doing a Southern ...
  • nzbazza discussed RE: walking the Alps 21 January 200921 January 2009.
    Hey Madpom, Thanks for the route info. That gives me a lot to think about. It is good to see what ...
  • nzbazza discussed RE: Boot brands 21 January 200921 January 2009.
    I've got big paddle feet with low arches and I've found that Scarpa footwear just fit me perfectly. I have three
  • nzbazza discussed RE: walking the Alps 20 January 200920 January 2009.
    Madpom, What was the route you took for your trip? Reason bring is in a couple of years I'm clicking over into ...
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