Spent a lot of time in late teens and twenties tramping followed by a long break of nil.

Back then it was a lot of time in the Tararua's and Ruahines with the occasional trip further afield.

With a 24x7 business to run I don't get out and about as much as I would like.

With a keen interest in photography the camera gear I carry tend to make my trips a bit on the overweight side. It also means I like to take my time and it looks like some return trips will need to be planned to gather more photos that I didn't manage to get on the first trip.

Sometimes it takes a trip to figure out what one wants to photograph.

In the end I guess it boils down to being out there and simply enjoying ones self.

More time out there is what it really needed

  • FrankBFrankB discussed Missing Mongrel Mob now a real hagiography 6 October 20176 October 2017.
    To anyone offended by my comments, please accept my apologies. Goodnight.
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Electric undies 11 September 201711 September 2017.
    The website states up to 8 hours before needing to be re-charged. Bit difficult in the middle of nowhere and ...
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Getting to pinnacles with current track closures 9 September 20179 September 2017.
    Kauaeranga Valley Road closed past the Visitor Centre. This road will remain closed past the Visitor Centre until Thursday 19 October.
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Tongariro NP Parking 2 July 20172 July 2017.
    Yes, but let us not lose sight of the clever decisions by both local and central government. They can now
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Camp Creek Bivvy 23 April 201723 April 2017.
    Came across a reference to Camp Creek Bivvy. Camp Creek apparently runs into the Te Hoe River. Can't find any ...
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Outdoor clothing & microfiber marine pollution 28 March 201728 March 2017.
    Well! There's always naked tramping I suppose. Not quite sure what one would do for warmth.
  • FrankBFrankB discussed problems when not taking enough gear 27 February 201727 February 2017.
    Oh! To be that young and fit again.
  • FrankBFrankB discussed How many packs do you own? Be honest now! 27 February 201727 February 2017.
    I can't say I have ever had any problem with chest or any other straps, more like to wear through ...
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Aarn Tents 27 February 201727 February 2017.
    Received email with this link if any one has an interest.
  • FrankBFrankB discussed the bomb shelter pitch for tarps 22 February 201722 February 2017.
    @Honora not only wet but also having it take off like a kite in some of our winds.
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Getting boots resoled 7 January 20177 January 2017.
    I have used the Shoe Sheriff in Auckland. Did a stretch and reshape on the heels of some boots for ...
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Dry gear guide 27 August 201627 August 2016.
    Have an Aarn pack at present, doesn't or at least has't caused me any grief with wet gear as yet. ...
  • FrankBFrankB discussed take a vote 27 August 201627 August 2016.
    Carry on regardless in what you believe in.
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Boots to fit wide, narrow, bunions, or wide toes! 2 August 20162 August 2016.
    I have enough trouble getting size 15/16 to fit let alone a size larger to enable to pair of sock ...
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Missing road links 2 August 20162 August 2016.
    @waynowski No that's no good, they wouldn't even notice.
  • FrankBFrankB discussed tramping and politics overlap 24 July 201624 July 2016.
    @gaiters I understand very well what you are asking. It really is none of your business. I don’t know what
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Waikaremoana 21 July 201621 July 2016.
    The following provides sufficient information to answer my question.
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Books 21 January 201621 January 2016.
    Try this one. Fits in your pocket, I have one plus its opposite number on birds, no weight at all ...
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Day and night trek across Coromandel. 10 January 201610 January 2016.
    Where do you intend to start and finish from? It is not country you can just stroll across. Moehau (the ...
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Tramping With A Pacemaker? 11 December 201511 December 2015.
    @indigo1, definitely a pacemaker. Was at cardiologists last week and put through stress test. This highlighted the breathing problem and
  • FrankBFrankB discussed What do you treat your boots with? 22 August 201522 August 2015.
    If the colour needs a bit of restoration, plain old nugget, followed by a liberal dose of dubbin. My boots ...
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Pot belly stoves and hut fires. 5 August 20155 August 2015.
    Glycerin and KMn04, works well, even in the rain. In fact I have always found a flick of water starts ...
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Member blocked 16 July 201516 July 2015.
    Madpom, thats OK Matt, I knew that wasn't what you meant.
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Expedition Behavior 7 June 20157 June 2015.
    I knew there was a reason for not unpacking the hearing aids whilst tramping.
  • FrankBFrankB discussed photos 15 May 201515 May 2015.
    That's the one Hugh. I think it is brilliant.
  • FrankBFrankB discussed camera gear 11 February 201511 February 2015.
    I use one of these chargers, yes they are not cheap but you can charge 1, 2 3, or 4 ...
  • FrankBFrankB discussed Moehau - Coromandel 1 July 20141 July 2014.
    l find some info here. The summit is waahi tapu. I was in there looking for frogs a long
  • FrankBFrankB discussed 27 March 201427 March 2014.
    OK! I went and got the Olympus OMD EM-1, along with 12-40mm F2.8, 40-150mm F4-5.6, 75-300mm F4.8-6.7, 25mm F1.8, 45mm ...
  • FrankBFrankB discussed 26 March 201426 March 2014.
    A small excerpt from the following, “In 2012/13, its income (excluding council funding) of $13.5 million far exceeded what the other
  • FrankBFrankB discussed 2 August 20132 August 2013.
    I shall go to the optometrist, and get a new pair of glasses, just as soon as I have taught ...
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