Morris Oxford

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  • Morris OxfordMorris Oxford discussed Lastrite Tramper 4 November 20174 November.
    Friends; I've just listed my surplus Last Rite boots on Trademe here: Brand new LastRite trampers, size 7. Check Last ...
  • Morris OxfordMorris Oxford discussed Hiking around Nelson Lakes/St James Late April 24 March 201724 March 2017.
    Hi twilly, I can certainly vouch for the trip that pageix referred to: as a challenging but slightly less
  • Morris OxfordMorris Oxford discussed LastRite Tramper boots mens size 7-8 2 November 20152 November 2015.
    I have a brand new pair of LastRite Tramper boots lovingly hand made in Whangerei, all yours for only $235 They ...
  • Morris OxfordMorris Oxford discussed 2 Person tents 19 August 201519 August 2015.
    My Weka 3 from Kiwi Camping turned out to be an excellent alternative to the high cost and hi-tech imports. ...
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