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  • KreigKreig discussed Visiting tapu / culturally sensitive places in NZ 14 November 201714 November.
    'Holy Rock'...... Which was graffitied. As an Aussie who has done many of the more well-known walks in Australia, I ...
  • KreigKreig discussed Which Pack to Choose? 5 November 20175 November.
    Sounds exciting!
  • KreigKreig discussed Also looking for advice and/or a partner in May 5 November 20175 November.
    If the day you cross the Harris Saddle happens to be a clear day, please allow for - and do! ...
  • KreigKreig discussed Flyable cheap hut design 4 September 20174 September.
    I think I've just found a home I'd be happy to buy. :)
  • KreigKreig discussed tender for paparoa track bridges 4 September 20174 September.
    Here's the approved track. Take note of the hut locations. Any money it'll only be a matter of a few ...
  • KreigKreig discussed Two new Great Walks 3 September 20173 September.
    Ok, here's how the Pike 29 Great Walk has come to be. I've known this for a long time, but
  • KreigKreig discussed Tent ideas 2 September 20172 September.
    I simply don't buy single-skin tents. For the reasons you just mentioned. Pretty much anywhere I've ever used them. ;)
  • KreigKreig discussed Boonies Kaimai boots 2 September 20172 September.
    Having looked them up, they look decent. I wouldn't mind knowing if they can take crampons. I'm not above the ...
  • KreigKreig discussed What's your favorite...? 2 September 20172 September.
    I carry multiple fire-lighting methods. I've been caught out in the environment (as I'm sure most of us have), and
  • KreigKreig discussed rather than tents lets talk about poles 13 August 201713 August.
    In May 2011 I attempted an unofficial record on the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia, a 1000km hiking track running
  • KreigKreig discussed Holdsworth to Totora Flats 5 June 20175 June 2017.
    Fair enough.
  • KreigKreig discussed Southlanders, I have arrived! 3 June 20173 June 2017.
    Ok, so here's the thing; I've made the conscious decision to give up my trip to Nepal (including losing all ...
  • KreigKreig discussed Back Country Cuisine - on SALE again. 11 May 201711 May 2017.
    Could be. But that's when a lot of us buy that less-than-desirable brand. But it could also be that as ...
  • KreigKreig discussed stewart island 11 May 201711 May 2017.
    I freakin' LOVE Stewart Island! And now that I'm going to be based here in Invers for the next few ...
  • KreigKreig discussed Robust Inflatable Sleeping Matt 23 April 201723 April 2017.
    I know. I'll upgrade when mine stops being so freakin' awesome! ;)
  • KreigKreig discussed 48km in a day, HUGE thanks to Gaiters! 21 April 201721 April 2017.
    I agree. Not submersible, but held up to a decent downpour on Stewart Island the other day.
  • KreigKreig discussed How do you store your water bladder? 7 April 20177 April 2017.
    Yep. A combination of water and electrolytes. When conducting heavy, sustained exercise.
  • KreigKreig discussed pseudonyms or `trail names` on the Te Araroa 30 March 201730 March 2017.
    Yep. Yet another example of dumb-arsery.
  • KreigKreig discussed 1080 26 March 201726 March 2017.
    Check out PAPP. VERY excited to see this getting used in NZ; targeting stoats! AND there's an antidote! :)
  • KreigKreig discussed Fiordland / Western Southland options 12 March 201712 March 2017.
    G'day Chris. I'm currently based in Te Anau/Manapouri. Want to catch up and have a chat about local options? PM ...
  • KreigKreig discussed Suggestion..... 27 February 201727 February 2017.
    Now you've got it! Tramper NZ ta moko! :D
  • KreigKreig discussed Dusky 11 February 201711 February 2017.
    Dusky for me is going to have to wait until the end of the season (30th April). I'm now working
  • KreigKreig discussed Stand by, stand by..... 2 January 20172 January 2017.
    High team! Merry Christmas and all that jazz. Hope you're having a cracker of a festive season! I've been a bit
  • KreigKreig discussed Totara flats track and or Mt Holdsworth 1 January 20171 January 2017.
    Most levels of fitness can do both in a couple of days. Have fun! :)
  • KreigKreig discussed Routeburn in a week and Kepler soon after 17 November 201617 November 2016.
    As mentioned, you have to book. And during Great Walks season, there are wardens who check your booking. So I ...
  • KreigKreig discussed Packin' it! 7 November 20167 November 2016.
    It does. Cheers Madpom. Good info. :)
  • KreigKreig discussed Car share for Rob Roy Glacier or Roy's Peak Wanaka 6 November 20166 November 2016.
    Hi. I'd touch base with local backpacker lodges. Many people in Wanaka are there for the same thing. Good luck!
  • KreigKreig added the photograph, Routeburn Track 28 October 201628 October 2016.
    Just below the Harris Saddle, looking back to the east. Got defeated by the saddle; just too dangerous. Turned back ...
  • KreigKreig added the photograph, Routeburn Flats Hut 28 October 201628 October 2016.
    "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas"....
  • KreigKreig added the photograph, Bealey Spur 27 October 201627 October 2016.
    Looking up the Waimakariri River towards the spine of the alps. A great 2-3 hour return trip up the spur to ...
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