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  • Mosley59Mosley59 discussed Tracks for bird life / song 27 August 201727 August.
    Leslie-Karamea has heaps of bird life. Lots of blue duck through the river, weka everywhere, kereru, kaka (we didn't see ...
  • Mosley59Mosley59 updated the track, Welcome Flat 16 July 201716 July.
    clarified info re bookings
  • Mosley59Mosley59 discussed Birthday trip 13 April 201713 April 2017.
    Mount Arthur was my New Years trip but might be worth a geez and exploring a bit wider. I think ...
  • Mosley59Mosley59 discussed Record trampers putting pressure on DOC 15 February 201715 February 2017.
    I have been there twice overnight and both times bikers were tenting but using the hut. I wonder if it ...
  • Mosley59Mosley59 updated the track, Leslie-Karamea 13 February 201713 February 2017.
    Added huts
  • Mosley59Mosley59 discussed A good book on South Island tramps 16 October 201416 October 2014.
    I managed to find a copy of the Mt Cook Brabyn book, but no luck on the other. Will just ...
  • Mosley59Mosley59 discussed Partner wanted 12 June 201412 June 2014.
    Doesn't look I can do Harper Pass this winter, I just don't have the leave or time off work and ...
  • Mosley59Mosley59 discussed Pack for sale 6 April 20146 April 2014.
    Hi all, just replaced my pack and am looking to get rid of my Doite Tundra (80l). Used but in ...
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