Visiting tapu / culturally sensitive places in NZ

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  • I always think how lucky climbers of Mt Cook are with the actual summit off-limits because after the landslide down the Hochstetter Icefall the summit got very narrow and scary so folks are generally to only go as far as the Chandeliers as per decree from the guardians of the mountain.
  • Recall this from Wilderness mag - ""Importantly, for the Aetherius Society, before King and Robertson got lost on December 24, 1960, they made it to a rocky outcrop on Mt Wakefield ((Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park)). There, the society claims, King was contacted by Jesus, who charged the mountain with majestic spiritual powers which can never be depleted. Robertson used white paint to write ‘Holy Rock’ on a slab of greywacke where the rendezvous occurred, so future pilgrims would know where to go."" George King, the founder of the Aetherius Society, at the ‘charged spot’ on Mt Wakefield in 1960. Photo: Aetherius Society
  • Out of interest Aoraki is really Aorangi. But South Island Maori pronounce gi ki. Like whanganui/Wanganui. It's slight dialect differences. Rakiura/Rangiura etc.
  • 'Holy Rock'...... Which was graffitied. As an Aussie who has done many of the more well-known walks in Australia, I have my own views. They involve respect, but pragmatic respect. That goes not just for Australia, but anywhere I go. I approach things the same way here. Although, I find the Maori themselves have a more pragmatic approach to it all.
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