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  • Guys Good evening. Sorry to be a pain but I would love again your opinions. 1)Do you know the english website Webtogs famous for mountain gear?Price seems very interesting and I'm just wondering if any of you ever bought online from these guys. 2)I've done daily tracks in may around Mt.Aspring National Park(Rob roy glacier and Roys peak)and I loved them... Do you advice any other spectacular day hike around Queenstown area and Wanaka that can be done in one full day? Hope to have news from you!
  • Had a look at webbtogs but thought the pricing was good but unless you look at shipping as well it may not be better than local retailers so if there is an issue it might not be worth the effort. Ben Loman is a good Queenstown walk
  • Moke Lakes but looks very easy!
  • Brewster Hut. Breast Hill (pakatui hut). Both near Wanaka.
  • 2nd vote for Ben Lomond, especially if you combine it with the Moonlight track to Arthur's Point. You'll need transport back to town though. It would depend on conditions etc but if you're up for something a bit more challenging, drive up to the Remarkables carpark and do the Queens Drive walk. On a good day the views are spectacular
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  • Thank you so much all your reply... I appreciated your suggestion.
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