Rain jackets for Routeburn track

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  • Thank you geeves for your answer. I've got crocs already...good to know actually that they can be handy ;-)
  • @giuseppe23 - don't get too caught up with the jacket. It is your outer shell to keep you (mostly) dry. Nothing keeps you totally dry if you are sweating in heavy rain. Get a decent jacket (or a poncho-tarp) for walking. Far more important is how to warm yourself up once you stop exerting yourself. Have your other layers, and make sure you have your spare change nice and dry for when you reach shelter.
  • Crocs haha. My sister calls my family the croc family. Me my partner and our boys all have black crocs. They come on every tramp and all our overseas adventures. Each pack has a pair sticking out the sides.theres four pairs on our front doorstep right now haha. Gotta love the crocs.
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  • The Rab Kinetic Plus is a softshell - as Wayno said, great in alpine conditions, but of very little use in all but the lightest shower. I've got a Mountain Equipment Tupilac (goretex pro hardsell, with pit zips) that I bought for mountaineering but has now also become my wet weather tramping jacket - the only one I've ever owned that doesn't spring a leak as soon as it's damp.
  • @hutchk Also got a Goretex hard shell Outdoors Research with pit zips that I use when hiking and an Arcteryx one without pit zips (relegated mainly to city).
  • the rab kinetic is actually waterproof
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