Waterproof Tarp for NZ rain

  • Hi, Anybody have experience with tarping in NZ rain? Is tarping possible in NZ condition? I owned a https://www.alpkit.com/products/rig-7 and used it twice. The first time under a bushy area and probably under two hours of not so hard pours, it works fine. The second was under a open area and had to used walking poles as frame. With probably six hours of rain it was soak and water started sipping to my bivvy bag and dampen my sleeping bag. The ending was a miserable sleep deprive soul. I really wanted to use tarp and bivvy convo if possible as it's lighter than tent. It also allow me to sleep out of hut which means can't hear snoring. :)
  • Six hours of continuous rain is likely to affect any such tarp/bivy combination. I think you make a judgement call before you leave on your excursion based on what information you can gather. If i thought that much rain was possible and i was in all liklihood going to sleep out i would take the tent option. Any decent tarp/bivy combo is still going to weigh between 1.5 and 2.5kg. Condition yourself to accepting a little weight. It shouldn't be enough to deter you from a trip out.
  • My club uses flys almost exclusivly for below bushline summer trips. However they are quite a bit bigger and sleep 6 in comfort 8 at a pinch. How you pitch has more to do with if they will leak than anything. Biggest issue is wind
  • I prefer to take a tent when in sandflies and mozzy country,but I do a few longer distance trips or hunting trips that are obviously so much easier with a lighter pack. (to start off with anyway if Im fortunate)So I have hardware store light weight blue tarp that I have tied 1m lengths of baling twine to the eyelets for tying down or pegging from. Hung over a long length of 4mm cord between two trees or cut poles makes a shelter that has never leaked. Those tarps don't let water through at all. Weighs 770 g without pegs. My tent is a 2 person that weighs 2.5kg so is noticed on the back, but sure is luxury.
  • Blue tarps work but are they not noisy? Rain on one of those will easily drown out anyones snoring
  • Some tent set-ups allow you to pitch just the outer fly so it functions like a tarp e.g. our fly which weighs 800g on our Montbell Hexagon. Also an outer fly has a bigger footprint so can accommodate more people under it compared with the tent/fly combo. If using a groundsheet, don't forget to tuck any protruding groundsheet beneath the tarp or water will be directed to your sleeping bag -eek!
  • I also use the outer-fly part of my tent with a ground sheet that clips in to the poles.A tad weighty at 1.5kg but pretty weather-proof & bugs not a problem unless in a swamp or you slumber out of the hours of darkness. Recently,I descended to the dark side & bought a poleless bivvy bag.In addition,I had a 2m square nylon fly made to keep the weather (mostly) off my head/shoulder area as sleeping in a bivvybag with the zip done up is akin to using a bodybag!All up,900g).I use w/poles & carry a length of stretchy cord as a ridgeline.Not perfect,what is,but ideal for short solos or emergency use.As a SAR practishioner,we need to be able to cater for any injured/cold/sick person so a bivvy bag is a useful companion even though we as a group carry a large nylon fly(sleeps 6-8).I use w/poles & carry a length of stretchy cord as a ridgeline.In warmer months,I use a 700g synthetic sleeping bag & put on extra clothes as required.I`m not a gram weeny but keeping a multiday pack under 17kg is desireable.
  • Thanks for the original link, I didn't realize those guys delivered to NZ, or least didn't when I looked to order something from them a couple of years ago. That Tarps a decent size, I bought smaller tarp from this outfit http://www.backpackinglight.co.uk/tarps-and-bivy-bags/WE106-7.html and used a number of times, never yet in any rain. If I was expecting serious rain I'd take my tent, which is the below Wild Country Zephyros and only weighs 1.3kg and has been great value. https://www.ultralightoutdoorgear.co.uk/equipment-c3/tents-shelters-c25/one-person-tents-c74/wild-country-m111 Tarp wise I use it with trekking poles, which I carry anyway so that's no extra weight, plus stretch cords and it's easy tom pitch, I just wish I'd got one a tad bigger.
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