Buying merino gears in NZ

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  • Winter clearance appears to start late-July ? They'll have other sales as we go through the Summer roster of holidays ? But not so much seasonal clearance. :)
  • If you're traveling to Wellington, the Icebreaker outlet store in Otaki has a ton of gear at 30-40% off retail. That's where I get my stuff - not too fussed if it's last season's colour 😀
  • 2 other places for cheaper Icebreaker gear in Wellington is the Bivouac outlet store in Willis St and Gordons at the bottom of Cuba St and at their outlet store at the Tawa Outlet City.
  • I think you'll find that Icebreaker being a NZ brand wont mean its any cheaper here in NZ. Like most other NZ products, a premium is paid by NZ and other consumers for the privilege of owning that brand. Just check out prices of NZ dairy products, Whittakers chocolate etc here. Macpac actually do merino tops too and there is less hype about them - consequently they are a bit cheaper. I have found simply isnt that durable over time and I have had several of the Icebreaker tops unravel on me while tramping. Going back to polypro is one option because of this
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On 22 October 2017
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