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  • Hi all, I have a brand new pair of Lastrite Tramper boots for sale. These were made to measure for me but somewhere along the line I have stuffed up the length and need to find a new owner as they are at least 2cm too long. These boots have had some good reviews on here, but are basically an old school full leather boot with no Gore-Tex gimmicks like most modern boots. Bellows tongue, cleated sole, foam rubber foot beds. NZ-made and designed. Details: Size UK 9.5 (28cm length) Slightly wider fit in forefoot, of around 10.25 inches (to get forefoot width, measure from big toe knuckle right around the foot, going over the pinky knuckle). Based in chch, happy to let buyer try on first. As these are brand spanking new I’d like something around the $200 mark (retail is $255). Photos available on request. PM if thread locks
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  • Friends; I've just listed my surplus Last Rite boots on Trademe here: Brand new LastRite trampers, size 7. Check Last Rite's size guide here:
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