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  • I'm looking into adopting a hut for the outdoor company I work for. We're looking into initiatives to give back to the environment and outdoor community and felt this could be a good cause to get involved with. I've done a bit of reading online but I know some of the regular forum users have a bit of experience in this area and wondered if you had any advice for where I should start, where you see the greatest need and anything else you've learned from the process. I'm just wanting as much information as possible to make the best choices with the resource we have so I'd welcome any feedback or ideas anyone has regarding this. We're based in Christchurch.
  • Talk to doc they will point you in the right direction. I'm sure Honora will have all the info you need . But that ofcourse is her call.
  • Permolat have a good overview of whats happening in the Canterbury / Westland area. As has the Backcountry Trust. Feel free to get in touch.
  • This link on the remote huts website will instruct you how to join Permolat. Once you've joined you can put your interest out there and people will respond. They can either do it publicly via the Permolat community or contact you privately so everyone else doesn't get your emails in their inboxes. You may have a preference for size of hut or how remote it is. Boundary Peak Hut in the northern Buller sounds like it needs some TLC! All the best and hope you enjoy yourself with it.
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  • Thanks everyone, I'll start here and see how we get on.
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