Want to buy Craigiburn?

  • https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/farming/96932226/high-country-station-taken-over-by-bank
  • I didn't hear of a successful sale of Mt Dobson either ?. If you want to go halves, we could start buying these up ?. http://www.stuff.co.nz/timaru-herald/news/73874271/mackenzies-mt-dobson-attracts-overseas-interest
  • If I had just won a mammoth lotto it would be worthy of consideration. But what would be the outcry when it was revealed that my intention was to return it to the forested condition it might have been before this country was inhabited and making it open country to one and all?
  • You would be treated as a god. Is the skifield inside Craigiburn station?
  • Craigieburn Station is not on the Craigieburn Range. It's on the east side of SH 73 and is leased from the University of Canterbury. You drive through it to get to Broken River. The comments section of the article explains that the land is not for sale, only the lease is. These sorts of farms don't make any money. I suppose a foreigner will lease it and hopefully not try to convert it into dairy support with irrigation as the adjoining Grassmere people tried to do.
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  • Here:? http://mapspast.org.nz/?zoom=13&x=1506715&y=5224707&layerid=NZMS15%201949 I always wondered about those 'educational reserves' and 'university reserves' I guess they were endowments of land through the leasing or farming of which the universities were expected to fund their activities. They certainly never seem to be in locations in which education would actually happen.
  • Weird. Was that under some old Act of Parliament? Checking the LINZ Primary Parcel Database it all seems to be Fee Simple Title underneath that Educational Reserve heading now.
  • There are all sorts of reserves on old maps: - Education reserves - School reserves (seem to be sites for future schools) - Ferry reserves - Bridge reserves (still exist) - Reserves for the protection and production of timer - Scenery reserves - Reserves for landless natives - Rail reserves (still exist unbuilt in places - e.g. the Cromwell to Wanaka rail line)
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  • Yes, the stations were intended as a source of funding for the University of Canterbury. I've been reading a wee biography of Perrine Montcreiff. She bought a few reserves with her own funds including the reserve at Okiwi Bay, north of Kaikoura.
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