Emergency Foods?

  • Curious to know if anyone has tried any of the product from this site; https://freezedriedemergencyfood.co.nz/ They say each of the packets contains four serves, then had a look at the additional info for the packets and the serves are listed by weight. Didn't look to be overly generous, but then if it's emergency food I suppose the nutritional value is more important than quantity.
  • It seems like a good deal. I looked at the GF one. Of course it's wierd American stuff but then our BCC has some nasty ingredients sometimes. Quite hilarious to see you can order $9,000 worth on some of these orders.
  • mcdonalds will last about as long... due kedgley had a mcd's hamburger sitting out in her shed for years and no mould growth on it...
  • I purchased a bucket of Wises product from Bass Pro website and a friend brought it back to NZ. 72 serves does not mean 72 packets. 1 packet may supposedly have 4 servings etc. We have taken to making our own meals, dehydrating and sealing in a Vac bag etc.
  • Mcdonalds burgers are low in moisture which is why they do not grow mould. Keep them moist and they would rot just like any other food.
  • @Richbonn Yes, it is quite clear that each packet supposedly serves 4. But I also noted the serve weights, listed seem a little on the light side. However is this weight measured as the dried food weight or the re hydrated weight? That remains unclear to me. With your experience perhaps you can throw some light on that? In your opinion how did the 4 serve portions stack up? Would they be sufficient at the end of a hard days tramp to replenish a body's reserves and be adequate for the next day? Or would they as I suspect be a bit on the light side and inadequate for high energy activities? Would be interested in your thoughts on that
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