What's the most useless piece of kit you've carrie

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  • For me the shorts were.
  • A lilo.
  • A-ha ha ! Apart from the PLB I haven't used yet ?. The gas cooker I bought when I did my Clubs qualifying overnighter, having not done anything for decades. Cheapest isn't always best ! http://www.gasmate.co.nz/img/product/cs170_campingstove_sml2.jpg
  • some of those style cookers were hand grenades. The clips for the can were plastic but even the ones with metal clips it was easy to put in wrong resulting in a leak
  • I used to carry one of these around: http://c8.alamy.com/comp/CCC70A/vintage-parasene-brass-portable-pressure-camping-stove-uses-paraffin-CCC70A.jpg in one of these: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/2e/3b/4f/2e3b4f0e70bfd30ac9c9009a83e901c1.jpg which is why I know so many good osteopaths.
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  • thats not a tramping stove. There were lighter options
  • Woo hoo ! Reminds me of Scouting days, and those white spirit pressure lantern thingys !!!
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  • What do I carry but never use and its not designed for emergency use only? 2 things come to mind. The wallet and cellphone. The problem is you need them until you get to the trail and you dont dare leave them in the car. I suppose I should also include the 1 liter dry bag I bought to keep them in that resides somewhere inside the main body of the pack inside the pack liner which has the sole purpose of making the wallet and cellphone easy to find.
  • I used to take a saw and hatchet hahaha. That's when I thought staying in huts ruined the outdoor experience lol.
  • Someone took a hatchet into Pinchgut Hut last time we were there and left it there. I guess they didn't want to carry it out. On some trips I don't even carry a knife.
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