Hacks for lighting fires in adverse conditions

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  • I would worry about the same thing. The propellant is butane which burns almost as fast as petrol and the valve on the can is plastic. Ive never heard of a can exploding but all the requirements for it to happen are there.
  • Not quite the same but I've had the rubber seal round the pump on a coleman pressurised petrol stove catch fire. That didn't explode though it produced a nice jet of flame out of the resulting hole left by the burnt plastic/rubber until the pressure dropped off. With the hairspray/deoderant trick i'd say the plastic nozzle could easily catch and burn out to a bigger hole giving a spectacular jet of fuel / flame, but the flow of esaping gas / vapour would be enough to avoid a true explosion. Hopefully.
  • More on topic I bought a windproof lighter for my last trip. In a strong breeze it did indeed remain lit where a normal lighter blew out. However it proved incapable of actually setting fire to anything in these conditions, including firestarters. Guess the heat just got dispersed too quickly. Yeah - you could light a gas stove with it in wind (but you'd need a wind shade to cook anything, so big deal. And the pizo lights it just as well).
  • Given you have to press the cap with your thumb, would you not let go of it ? .... cutting off the flow, long before the top catches alight ? I don't think there is much risk of explosion unless you drop the can in the fire (always a risk, of course, if you do dumb things like light an aerosol spray).
  • Thanks for your thoughts, fellas.
  • They are quite interesting when you drop them in a fire.
  • Instead of cotton balls, you can just take BBQ fire-starter. Works very well.
  • You can - and I've used them previously. I used to have wood heating so had a ready supply of fire-starters (now, new house, no wood heating, gas bbq). However, I don't like the smell. As well, airlines dont like to carry them 🤔 Vaseline pads work equally well but don't have the (strong) smell and hasn't been an issue travelling across the ditch.
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